Eliminate ghostling for users who do not play anymore


I think that players who have not entered the game for several months should not be protected.
I am ranking 60 with 42k of reputation. Between the top 1 and the 60 there are 8 players who for several months have not played and continue with the same protection due to ghostling.
To summarize: remove ghostling for those players who do not enter the game after one month.


I haven’t played since Dec 4th and I’m told I’m still in the top 10 :slightly_smiling_face:


those "ghost "just becouse don’t have enything on storage and havent raided… big deal if they are in there… or do you want get bigger c**k to get more rep that those?


Ghostling? You mean the ghosts are having babies?


Same here


Nothing in this game causes my wood to go up


Beat me to it x)


boo hoo…learn to spell or edit.
like Floyd Mayweather posting he has too much money, and telling people to quit their jobs.
It would be funny if they shut down your region cuz they banned ghosting and you found out it’s only you, and your three kids playing.