Elf hats nerfed

There was no reason to nerf them, did anyone noticed?

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Those extra 25 hats was too generous and costing them tons of money :roll_eyes:


Your replies always make me wondering if you work for scopely

I’ll take it to the team.


punk that’s my job

I’ll take it to the team!

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I mean, 75 for 24 hours or 50 for 48 or more. Maybe a blitz will be 75 hats to give u more in the shorter span, and CRW will be 50 since u have longer opportunities.

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I got more hats in first hour of CRW then entire Blitz. Hopefully next one isn’t 1v1


Hats down to Scopely

I will stop by the pancake bar on the way to the team
Then forget all about why I was going to the team

Sorry I real don’t care about stupid Elf hats

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Who does care about this money grabbing event?

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