Either the strike is working or Scopely is still messing up


So, these two surprising offers with 330 coins in the Shop for my main are:

  • A sign of desperation because sales slumped
  • Yet another offer that was originally meant to exclude our main accounts

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Which one is more likely?


It says “welcome”


Neither. Just another fuck up as usual


“Welcome to our slightly better offers”


Yep… makes me suspect they planned to not send that deal to my main account. So, they basically were planning a whole new anniversarygate all over again.


People have it on their main


What offer is this?
I’m not seeing any 300 coin welcome offer.




Does it matter? Now people complaining when they GET the offer. Also, have both those recruits, both are 5* and nothing like their ascendable, not worth the $5


It is a great offer for those who do not have them. I have 1 of each and I don’t think they are actually good enough to have two of, so imma pass on this one.


Took me forever to get carl and weeks after i get him hes on fire sale, go figure, at least i saved $5 by not having to buy him lol


in reality the coins cost 5 bucks anyways, so they are just giving the toons away.


That is true


Honestly for so many people that never got Carl, 5 bucks for him isn’t bad at all


They just sold him literally three weeks ago for 49.99


The majority of’ ‘survivors ‘ on this forum have these really usefull toons. If not you won’t get a better deal than this one! Think scopley’s drunk or being nice :thinking::thinking:


Well good things come to those who wait especially in this game


Well noobs won’t


If what you’re saying is that toons in this game are devalued by 90% every three weeks, then… yeah okay i buy that.