Ehhhhhhhhhh can't upgrade 5 canteens

All this work and I still can’t upgrade to tier 4. Scopely something is seriously wrong


Prob set that way I got 3 GPS and someone on fb got 4 gps

I just deleted the app and line…I’m addicted to the phone, this game and I have to let go. So thank you scopely for this

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Same here
This is such an obvious scam to make us buy the other one. Absolutely not random at all for sure.

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ouch… that hurts

So Scopely decided to give me 2 of each?

I had 1 canteen.

Got 2 more then a GPS.

Thought I was unlucky but maybe not…


I walked away from the screwdriver event with 3 GPS, 1 canteen, and zero hockey masks.


Just got 4 Hocky Masks,