Egg distribution uneven


O.k. so please correct me if I’m wrong here but are the distributions of the eggs not way way off?? I’ve been saving since day 1 and right now I have 450 bloody eggs, 4030 green eggs and 250 pink eggs. If I run all the roadmaps until the last day that will give me 400 pink eggs (enough for 2 pulls) but I already have enough bloody eggs for 3 pulls and enough green eggs for 2 pulls (and that is with hardly raiding at all and the raid tourney coming up). @kalishane do you know if there will be more chances for pink eggs other than just the road maps (and buying them from the shop)? Not complaining about the event or anything just wondering why there is such an imbalance.

Eugene’s roses event

Did you not see the sweet deals on pink eggs in the store? :wink:

It’s obvious they capped getting two of the good rewards and like always it requires cold hard plastic if you want more than what they are willing to give away for free.


That’s what I figured but hoping it wasn’t true. Maybe there will be some sort of super roadmap at the end of the event to help make up the difference. Not that it really matters anyways since I’m pretty sure canteens and GPS have gone extinct.


To make it worse, it won’t be 400 pink eggs. It’ll only be 375. The last roadmap is on the 10th, not the 11th. So if you do 2 pulls of the T4 gear, that’ll be it.


I love this game it’s the only real mobile game I ever got hooked into but after this one which I hope f****** crumble soon cuz I’m tired of spending time an money never again will I participate in scopely games they are the worst business minds towards there support that I’ve ever seen I can’t believe this companies lasted this long I’m guessing cuz it’s f****** Goofy’s like me. I’ve never seen a company work so hard against its supporters. They literally do everything backwards that we request they’ve only change things that benefited them I don’t really see how this game was meant for our past time enjoyment. This Easter event has been right along with every other scopely f****** fail


I want you to know that your surveys are a bunch of f****** b******* as far as I’m concerned it must be like a policy when you go to a business to get an application they can’t stop you from handing you one they have to. Because I’m pretty damn sure once you get that application back you’re throwing it in the garbage and saying what will work for us this week.that must be what these are cuz you definitely are afraid to put up the odds to your f****** featured sections. You must be feeling the slip because these new people that are starting nowadays you’re mistaken if you think they’re going to be the whales of yesterday


Tell us how you really feel. :joy:


They always make one item needed controlled and limit the amount you get then try to sell you that item. This is nothing new it’s what they always do and will continue to do. We’re getting 2 completions of the t4 gear and that’s it.


Yeah I might have woke up on the wrong side of the bed but it comes down to looking through the days weeks months they’ve been s******* on us crazily bad. I guess I just feel bad for them that they gave us too much in the beginning is that how I’m supposed to feel I’m not sure. Their imagination is the worst part 99-cents yesterday today for4. 99 I wonder if yesterday’s 99 cent was a mistake it had to been. Yeah I jump around the love from scopely is everywhere