Egg collection for ryan

Hey togehter,
I did 150 pulls for ryan ( only coins from skull tokens and luck with crates from the pathways event)
But not got Ryan… Now I have 2550 eggs Wil there be keep or not? Does anyone know this?

Doing 150 pulls for an “egg” toon…You brought this on your self mate…

Does anyone else also see how ridiculous this is? Just take note… 150 pulls is just less than 400$ yet this individual only have less than half of what is needed to get this toon. How is it possible that everyone is supporting this lunacy.
smh. It really is time to walk away from this so called game.


I agree, have mates that did 120 and 80 pulls both got under 1k eggs and no ascendancy toons. It’s getting so ridiculous!

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Getting ridiculous? It’s been the same way for 4 years. And there is still an uproar.

The the OP, I know the blue keys for Pete are supposed to come back. I assume these will as well but might have to wait until Monday to get an official answer from the CM.


When I see how hard it is to get those toons it really makes me wonder how fresh p11 lvl150 has such teams.


If anyone has been keeping track of the side missions, they have changed them from a numbers game to rng, making it now nearly impossible to gain ivy, who is pretty modest for a consolation prize. When they introduced the blue keys, it was do x amount of pulls, get y out guarantee. Now it’s do x amount of pulls for a chance at y. So, scopely has again disadvantaged any moderate spender or anyone who saved their coins, though they started off with a decent idea and then greed ruined it.


The toons are still in the wheels so I don’t think the odds have been lowered… just feels like a shady way to pot commit players to keep on spending if they have half the eggs.

It feels like the odds are lowered. Done a few pulls for the last couple of premiers and got a few older 6* and collection items but no Premier. Please return to the original pulling system, no museum collections.,

Pointless pulling with the current configuration

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