Effects of S-Class Mercer towards Playerbase

So I already have a couple of my guys quitting the game today because of Mercer. No point playing the game anymore when no matter what defence team you put, you’re just gonna get shred to pieces within 15-20 secs because people are gonna want to pull 2-3 of him from the broken wheel.

In conclusion -

  1. Scopely doesn’t give a shit about the playerbase in general
  2. What’s the point of appointing Player Council when they don’t even listen to them
  3. False advertising, broken promises, broken events etc.

This is how Scopely decides to give back to their players - a broken toon for a broken game that they don’t bother fixing. Merry Christmas!



you meant, merry fk christmas?

gah, i miss the classic south park. they actually had a lot of good x’mas songs.


There will be a ton of retirements after this weekend. I dont think a lot of people know what is coming. It isnt fun that is for sure.


He’s just a small step in what’s to come, I totally expect an infection to all for 3/4 turns lead


It’s already happening in my fac… and this sucks… we were all just discussing about the next S-class toons to build up their team and such… SIGH.

maybe this.is what the player council wanted
pretty sick char

if.ibwas on the player council the next char I’m creating is andrea leader skill instant win
insert credit card, pay 10 bucks, for instant win

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Positively not.


You mean pay 1000 bucks?

For a 0.01% chance to win the battle and a 99.99% chance for your account to be nuked, keep surviving.

did they consult you? what’s the point amid they just make changes but not consult players council

I would resign,.dont want to be associated with this crap

retirement is.near, not that they care, I havent spent for.months and when I did it was with google rewards lolz

Consult no, but the leaks came in a timely hour before the call. So we did give lengthy feedback on how not to start selling S-Class directly in it


That’s progress, at least you finally had the call!!

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Hemmhorage to all sounds about right

and they disregarded ur feedback and went ahead

have they ever listened to u?

crw war
2 region crw war
terrible rewards
terrible. compo

that’s just this week


i doubt anything will change, and i’m just as frustrated, but game companies have to make money, they have shareholders to answer to (though i don’t think scopely is publicly traded).

in short, scopely wouldn’t be doing this if there weren’t profits. they are doing this because people will keep paying, handsomely, and scopely wants to maximize their profits.

from a player’s pov, this sucks donkey’s ass, but from scopely’s pov, this is brilliant. this toon will make scopely so much money.

but i’m sure the next toon will be even more profitable.

What was their response when you raised the concerns? I imagine it was all stuttering and fluff whilst you could hear the sound Scrooge McDuck makes when he leaps into his vault of coins


Hmm… Are you sure the shareholders will pull? Lol

Btw is a legit question. Do the shareholders that love this game so much they had even invested their money in it pull?) They are in a much more secure situation. I mean their investments are guaranteed to return in full + interests. Do they play and pull?))

This portraying of RTS players as obedient docile sheep and hostages of evil Scopely is getting old.

You don’t HAVE to pull every promo out there. But if you do don’t cry about how unbalanced this game has become.

Yes, Scopely’s greed and sometimes incompetence adds to the situation. But they are not playing this game. Players do.

If the next promo’s rush would be “Insta kill all T1” you KNOW a lot of players would STILL pull.
And few days later the very SAME players would be bashing SCOPELY for breaking the game.

A sad reality.


Highly overpowered lead shouldn’t have made it into the game but its Scopely don’t really care any more what they do, but what comes next with leader skills, soon we will get a lead skill that insta decaps and defeats one character at the start. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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according to peter griffin, it’s not possible to dive into piles and piles of coins and swim in them.


on a partially related topic, which mobile games are actually F2P friendly and well balanced?

i’m not being sarcastic, i’m really curious and i would like to try what it feels like to play an F2P friendly game.

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