Easy Way to find coins loaders players

Just check the highest wars scores of all players and check their accounts.

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That’s not really true lol, someone told me that they can get coins and prestige points, plus a lot of f2p can war as well :woman_shrugging:t3:

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False, it’s easy to check if the coins a legit or not, I mean, same money value, price, sources…

I have a friend who got prestige, coins … but scopely has seen that the buyer was not legit.



Coin load… Is that where I input my credit card details and then press enter. When I do that it loads coins into my account.

For the Lols


If only it was that easy.

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One way coin loaders function is using stolen credit cards to make legit purchases for the account. Scopley wont care much about that as they are getting the real currency.

That ends my knowledge on the subject

What does a high war score have to do with coin loading? 700k without one rebuild and up 7 cans… weird post.

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Coin loading is already allowed someone in this very thread already detailed the process. Can we talk about steroids in sports! We should be able to see the greatest fights science can create! I for one want to see a full on mutant football league.

Will Bones Justice be able to plow throw bomb shady and the hatriots? Nintendon’t but science do!

Weird flex but I still love you :slight_smile:


:joy::joy::joy:. Just saying

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If scopley can’t find coin loaders…no one can :joy: jk

Any top fractions listening? This guy needs a new home!!

What makes you think I need a new home? because I posted my score as a fact to disprove a ridiculous post?

He has a home in Notorious. Was offered well before this thread

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Man he should jump on that. He is good enough player to be with you all!!

Bahahahaha. I didn’t even notice it was you!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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