Easy quality of life improvement

Can we get a counter in these waves that show total it takes to complete and if you want to get fancy total left. It is kind of silly in like these torch maps to have people fail because of miscount.


Hehe yeah, you’ve gotta channel your inner mathematician in-game lately…

Arena is the worse, hurts my head sometimes when scores are closely grouped… You would have thought that maybe it would make sense to order the team values left to right from highest to lowest or vice versa…


Yes add a sort mechanism to arenas too so you can sort by team grade or score


I fkn hate maths and all the calculations lately have been driving me insane :joy:

I am all for this idea. And arenas needs some sort of order there too. Agree :crossed_fingers:

It is a business tactic to not provide such a counter…

Some things are really difficult not to share :grin: this was one of them.

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