Easy milestones

I know the blitz War wasn’t planned but thank you very much for the easy milestones


What r milestones rewards? We didn’t get one.

The milestones in the blitz War there 5 10 and 20

Got a pic?

What region are you in BB

Pic loaded didnt see first time sorry. And im in miller region!

Total garbage except for the Ulysses. Would it have killed them to give a Lillith too? Stop putting the daily roadmap gear as rewards. We can them 4 times a week. Fill it will item tokens,4 star tokens, and 4 star weapon tokens. Most of that is garbage too but it sure beats an scope.

Not trying to be ungrateful but this started way to late and it’s way to short. 18 hrs at 11pm at night?

Don’t worry, the 2nd Blitz will start right when this one finishes. Be right in prime time :star_struck:

A 50k with benedict would have been nice

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Wow seeing that you guys get a Ulyseses I’m even more annoyed. This is complete and utter bs @TheWalkerDude

20k = Well achievable in under an hour on natural e
4200 in Raids = Takes a shed load of fills and not achievable on natural e


I totally agree. I actually feel rorted. 3+hrs at least to hit mins in raid vs maybe half hour im the blitz, tops.

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I wouldn’t give a sh!t if everyone had blitz or everyone had raids.

It makes a complete mockery of the event calendar as well when some of us get these surprise events “sprung” on us

An Explanation would go a long way to calming people here @TheWalkerDude @kalishane


The calendar is subject to change at any time. There was a bug in the scheduled survival road today and I am guessing they put up the blitz because we have been talking about it over the last couple of days at the last minute. Some other regions got a faction level up.

What we should be upset about is the loss of wood nuggets. I am gonna loose 1200-1600 of them because they didnt match the rewards with the replacement event. Now that is something to get angry about. And the regions that got the lv up aren’t getting any nuggets from that event. They should be doubly angry.

I’m aware of the SR error - still doesn’t explain the surprise events some regions get that aren’t ever listed.

I am in one of the regions that get the levelup - we also got the raid event for nuggets, i’m presuming those that got blitz ONLY got blitz (the prize tiers for nuggets in raid seem to correlate to other solo nugget events in marion of late)

Its still complete BS as the milestones for both are completely unbalanced and most of us (certainly in my faction/region) are only still here for war

Yeah war is the only reason why I am still playing too but even thats getting to be such bs lately.

I would assume the unscheduled “bonus” events are perhaps to help give those regions a boost? But then again we seem to come in 3rd or 4th ever crw as a region and we never get a bonus event. So who the hell knows. You know they won’t ever explain it to us. They love keeping us in the dark.

Marion is one of the older regions and has always had a faction top 3 in the last 6 CRW (we were actually 5-0 on finishing first until the last one)

The only boost Marion needs is in player number, bs levelups just drive more people towards the exit door, now less than 550 active individuals

The mushroom affect is what causes most of the issues as well, at some point transparency is required - can only keep us in the dark and feed us sh!t for so long

I’d kill for easy lilths, my Wyatt needs 2 for bonus hp

Lol, killing is exactly what you need to do for one easy Lilith, at least in some regions

Issue with the SR tournament properly solved , Blitz war anyways is much more fun and the milestones even if not the best aren’t half bad and easy to attain , cheers