Easy and still profitable solution to S-class dilemma

The idea: Make it so that only ONE S-class can be applied to a team. From “lore/rp” perspective that character could be a hero of the group and truely feel special, nothing special about S-class if there can be 5 of them on one team. That way big spenders will still enjoy variation and situational advantages while f2p-light spenders will have a chance to compete and strive for better 6 stars and more S-class characters. That way you will continue generate revenue from both 6 stars and S-class. As it stands now almost all 6 stars will be soon obsolete and all events and competition made pointless. Suggestions to improve the idea or assumptions are welcome.

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Easier than that would’ve been using the veteran rings to trade in along with an existing 6* to make it an S-Class version of the same toon

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You would think people will stop pulling altogether for premier toons since the new s class meta we all know is coming just as 6*s came. But is it enough to hurt scopely pockets is the question. :thinking:

You’d think but it’s called Spenders class for a reason


It is. 12 of 14 big spenders (p13) in my faction went f2p or sc only because of S-class.

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Once spenders go f2p, they don’t last long in the game.

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I myself went from for sure going for the toon in the wheel (I’m a sad fk I know) to ftp.
P12 almost 13

They effed themselves hahaha.

A bit of generalization but I can not deny that it holds true for many or at very least activity goes down a lot.

I don’t know about that. I’ve pulled way more promos since I stopped spending.

It’s a great idea but it’s already too late I’m afraid. there are people with multiple s class toons so they will not change it.

How are you pulling promos if your not spending?

Ad and event coins. Much less than what I was buying to pull garbage

There are only 2 S Class so far. They have different uses. I don’t think anyone that has two can argue that now one of them would be useless. One for defense other for offense.

Yea but what do you tell the ppl who dropped 4k for two priyas?

I didn’t realize they stupidly made two of her available in the museum. What the hell is wrong with this company.

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