Easter egg hunt to end our medal hunt


T4 gear and medal hunt with roadmap and egg drops from raid
Downside no canteen or GPS
May not be a a gear roadmap but definitely should be decent


Raid drops count as semi farmable I guess better than no drops


Can somebody please tell me what kind of gear i need to t3/t4 my green and yellow 6 stars? Cant find the info online. Thanx.




Phew. The game was starting to feel empty.


Tier 3:
6 x 4★ items (e.g. Nightvision goggles, Alpen Stock - based on the characters 5★ persona, not their trait)
6 x 5★ items (Knife Sheath for fast, Gauntlets for Strong)
1 x Watch, 1 x Radio

Tier 4:
6 x 5★ items (Knife Sheath for fast, Gauntlets for Strong)
6 x 5★ items (Whetstone for fast, Hockey Mask for Strong)
1 x GPS, 1 x Canteen


Bahahaha that would have been easier! @LadyGeek great work as always


shit event anyone smart will go for gear


I’m just lazy :slight_smile:


I’m starting to get sick of those gear events… They are clearly stalling for time with the canteen/gps scarcity but some people have a lot more luck than I do with getting them. Feels bad not being able to get a single gps on last events when I have 5 canteens to spare…
This one will be the worst as there is none to get…


@Kanaima Thanx a lot, really appreciate it :slight_smile:


Here are the turn in amounts for 2 pcs of T4 gear. It’s all the same for hockey mask, whetstone, bandolier or double holster.

Turn in for tokens

Also a turn in for random lesser gear


start time anyone please :slight_smile:


Starting at 5 gmt.


wow today ? that will be cool…game fels like boring atm


yes confirmed starting today at 5 pm GMT or 8 pm Moscow time ! :slight_smile:


if this isnt farmable either with roadmaps and/or raids its a wasted opportunity


Moscow time is only 2 hours ahead now of GMT due to daylight savings, so start time would be 6pm if the Moscow time is correct


If it starts at 8pm in Moscow that means it would start at 1pm EST for those in the US


Don’t worry vk confirmed eggs drop from raids :slight_smile: and theres a solo raid at some point :slight_smile: tomorrow