Easiest way to kill erika teams?


Whats a easy to build team that can auto through erika teams?
Mirabelle lead.


Depends on who they have on their teams, myself I use 6* belle (lead) 6* yellow Ezekiel, 5*
andrea( made to suffer 2) yellow 6* negan and yellow 6* maggie, take out erika first and then shiva if I’m still alive and if they have it on their team, and who ever gives AP boost, provided im alive with enough toons


Don’t think there is a auto team agasint erika teams primarily because of stun guns and impair weapons.


i use abe negan mAggie wyatt mira lead…taunt her till death…her first…


The AI just isn’t clever enough to reliably auto through any teams to be honest.

If you aren’t worried about using auto, the key is always Tyreese (other decapitates are available)


Auto is the worst. Don’t do it until you clear 2-3 toons.


Mira lead, 2 ty, siddiq and hershel


I auto all green teams/yellow teams… erika gives me trouble, i’ll probably ascend another tyreese


Anything with the new michonne in it.


Alpha with a double attack high crit weapon wipes Erica teams out love her !!!


works for towers during wars too


alt f4 is how


Mira lead + green zeke 5* (he never dies if it’s an Erika lead) and as many blue toons as possible. :slight_smile:


What’s your weapon on that zeke?


Huge ap on attack 35 def 30 hp


Yeah lol I guess that’s the op answer right there. Pull 4 blue michonnes!! Auto team solved!


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