Earning legendary or Universal trainers

Is there any fast ways to earn some legendary or Universal trainers

Elite items, drops from world stages, spending real life money, using faction assault rewards. Also milestones if scopely are feeling generous. Those are the only legit ways I know.

Aden pops up in the SR depot maybe twice a week

But the price is ridiculously high. How many days do you need to get enough markers for a single Aden?

They can drop from clearing walkers in territories too

The green Beta on offer is a cheap Lilith if you’re needing one

Idk. I do daily every day anyway. He’s priced at 60k

Not like they’re adding new toons in there anytime soon. I had enough saved for a third sr zeke. Had.

Atleast a weeks worth of SR, which is one because it takes that long for him to pop up anyway

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