Early Level Gift Offers


I don’t want to be like the guy who goes around Costco pinching off all the free samples but uh… the gift offer situation…

About a week ago there was a spontaneous free offer for a world can. Thanks for that! Really. It was a nice random gift. :grin: But the offer describes that there should be a following offer at level 4.

And then there was also an ad that popped up once that describes another free offer at level 10.

Personally me nor the faction recieved the level 10 offer or the level 4 offer. And I also know that a portion of people didn’t even get the free can offer.

Based on the trend it seems like these are meant to be early player level offers, maybe even intended to provide new players with their first 5*. I don’t deny the possibility this offer is meant to be exclusive to new players and was just advertised globally. Any amount of clarification would be appreciated. Thanks! :ok_hand:


Didnt even get the can offer


Curious… Did you get the free 4* Negan offer? Would be useful to know if not getting offers affects the same people frequently.


Got negan, and got glenn with no issue either when he was in there.


Did not get the can offer, but I did get 4* Negan


Got the neeeeg but nothing else.


If it’s for new players why did I also get the free world can. Thank you for bringing this up I was wondering about it the whole time. Thought I did something wrong because I thought it would work like retroactive rewards.


This fake accounts are like tribble. :joy:


I’m going to open up an alt in another region and see if that yields an offer.


Nada. I got 4* Negan and then these two offers almost immediately though. :thinking:


I never got the 5 stsr deal, maybe because I already pulled from it? I dunno, maybe they’re making the game more welcoming for noobs?


I was thinking about this the other day. I got the can. Have yet to receive any other level offers. Wonder when they are going to show up.


Not even a free fake RibCage?


I got the level 4 achievement just the other day. When I got level 55.


I’ll assume you don’t have a screenshot. What was it?


I don’t, it was the can.


That‘s badmouthing Tribbles imo.


Want me to show what my friend was getting every level?


You didn’t buy it so why complain. Scopley can give out what they want to who they want when they want.


Umm no that’s okay if you’re talking about Player level up rewards, right?
Like these:

That stuff is out there. There’s a screenshot from vk from level 1 all the way to 125.