"Early 2018" is not early


If we don’t see any of them in January then there will not be any. It will turn out like the claim to not sell 6*’s in premiere recruits.


From what I understood she said they might be released by June, so the assumption is that they will be coming out earlier and be done by then (she even says ‘‘I would guess’’ and "should not be beyond that’’).
It’s really really rare for them to say something CERTAIN. It’s all guesses and should/would/could.
Nothing is concrete here.


I understand that. I’m saying that it is too long to wait either way. I think everyone knows that they wouldn’t realease like 15 toons on one day


And I’m not trolling. Look at the original “Santa negan” thread. Its said there


I do know how to read, which is why I know that’s NOT what she said at all, she says she would “guess” that is correct & it “Shouldn’t” be beyond that.

We might get one in February, but then we might have got one in December, or November, or October. Current evidence would suggest just because something might happen is light years away from it being probable.


This doesn’t surprise me. They aren’t fooling anyone. They have the ability to release these toons. They are already created. They gain nothing from releasing these toons.

Ascendence has ultimately ruined this game and there is no coming back. I have stopped playing because I didn’t want to face the same 8 characters in war until March… now it’s June possibly.

Their main focus now is on new regions. They flooded old regions with OVERPOWERED free toons like shiva, carl, mira and tyrese. Even if they released all these free toons, they are worse than the current ones most have on old regions and really wouldn’t make teams change. Let’s not forget about the resources required to make these toons six stars. The variety most seek won’t be available anytime soon.

I still check the forums with hopes that something will be changed but I just don’t see a fix to this.


rick aint f2p 6…and hes shit.


I always thought that legacy characters were… toons like Yellow Morgan, Yellow Tyreese etc…


legacy characters - means all those that were legendary - meaning 5 stars in general.


Yeh it needs to be clearly said, this rick currently isnt f2p and unless the christmas event surprises us he wont be any time soon.
This also follows with the leaked list, Kal,Aaron, connor, and dwight are not f2p and the likes of Eugene and lori are likely only prevalent in top factions.
People were happy with this list as we assumed they would be completed by march time, and new characters chosen, hopefully more in token wheels or ones that desperatley needed upgrading like blue gov or christa etc

But the most recent comments seem to suggest scopley are happy releasing one or 2 characters a month at most , this means the expected 2 years till all 5* are ascendable is a joke and it is likely gonna be 7 years till this happens which is unacceptable.
(200 odd if im right) so to make it 2 years as of 6 months ago we still need 185 in 18 months which is 10 a month so as it seems to be 12 every 6 months that is 7.7 years till this happens and every current 5* has an ascendable counterpart, this is without the new premium toons being released weekly

What this basically says f2p teams are not gonna change much in the next 6 months at least


Well I did say, but if you’re not trolling then that would be some bs on Scopley’s part. I already acknowledged you may or may not be trolling. :slight_smile:. I believe ya bud.


Fml… Another one i don’t have. Wonderful.


One or two legacy ascendables every couple months… They drop a new premier once or twice a week… Getting old fast.