"Early 2018" is not early


So we just received information from Kalishane that all legacy toons will be released on - wait for it - JUNE 2018!!! That is Fucking atrocious. If we have to play with the same 10 chatacters for that long, I dunno if I’ll last till then.

Also, she just confirmed that Gator is next.


I agree, it’s sad news indeed…
Wait gator next??


Yes. That’s what she said



Of course, Scopely would go that technical. If the players are lucky, it will be June 29th.


Seriously, the mid point of the year is 'early’?

Have we got a quote of this, where was it said?


Lemme get a link. Hold on…



Fine game i pay your game pull for 6s


I can not understand the meaning, they must have thought, "Let’s help the people and let’s make a list of characters so they can prepare, but we will not release these characters, let them get the character ready and with 8 preparers standing waiting our charity "

This is a joke with the players. I try to take this game seriously but they do not try to do the same thing, it gets more and more difficult to play, that’s why so many people are migrating to other games.


So here’s a list of actually usable characters until then…
Shane, Barker, Yumiko, Negan, Rick (Only given away once), Abe, Wyatt, Siddiq, Zeke, Dwight, Tyrese, Shiva, Carl, Mira. That’s only 14 characters, everyone else is p2p


Not looking good, is it?

Come on @kalishane, is this the best they can do,

From through early 2018 to shouldn’t be any layer than the middle of next year


Does nobody know how to read? She says all the current leaks will be done by June 30, not we’ll have towait until June 30 for them to be leaked. Meaning we might get 2 in January, 1 in February, 1 in March, etc.


would not belive anything they Lol


All leaked toons are mediocre at best and not meta breaking why not let people have them for at least to fill the gaps in their roster. Then they can start rebuilding on their teams and replace these toons soon anyway.


Lol told y’all they were gonna be released in the Summer time. Haha this is exciting, and if Net Neutrality is repealed, we probably won’t even see tge day they’re released.

P. S

You could be trolling, but if not, then that’s some bs on Scopley’s part.


You’re providing us with event calendars (took you ages to do that, but at least we have them now), how hard can it be to provide us with 6* release calendars? It doesn’t have to be precise to the very minute, but at least : January you’ll get Gator, February is the Governor or whatever… It would be greatly appreciated.


Damn that’s not good June 2018! This is beyond a joke everyone wants legacy not new ones they never listen :confused:


Uhm, actually she said they should all be released by then. About as non-committal as you can get. I am starting to think there will be no releases and this is just a ploy to keep us hoping.


Early 2018 means the first couple months

She was asked will they be released within the first 6 and she said [quote=“Galaxy42, post:11, topic:9404”]
I would guess that this is correct. Should not be beyond that date.

Meaning that will be correct as the first 3 are well within the first 6

That’s like me saying I’m going for a new job next year , someone says “So you won’t be working in your current job in 2 years” and I say “I guess that’s right”


Don’t dare use logic and common sense , You won’t get through to the masses