Earl disarm broken

@gr.scopely can you bring to your team that earl his disarm is broken
Each single raid i do with him his disarm is not working

Wats the crit chance mod you have on him and your weapon?

its rng. against good opponents it procs less and againsy lesser it procs at a regular rate.

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Also it really helps to have a leader with crit boost. I switched from Dwight to Priya lead and now my Michonne procs WAY less often.

Crit her weap and mods to the max for best effect

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Tin foil hat time: when I used to use Michonne, during war it always seemed she disarmed way less than normal.
Reality probably was that I was active more so increased actions makes the negatives stand out more.

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I’ve really noticed the past week that mods and weapons not working as they should, Rick guardian been dodgy for a while I’ve 48% crit mod on him and crit weapon but hardly goes off anymore, my mods resists are 70% and I’m getting around and taunted more than ever.

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I had the same issue with Earl I wouldn’t say it was completely broken like the OP did but seemed like a lot less than normal


Get me 5 videos. Show me lead skill, weapon on Earl, and mods on Earl. I’ll calculate out whether his crits are within range of expected. You can email them to me ladygeek.rts@gmail.com

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