Eagle wheel - same rubbish as the beach stash

no need to write an assessment when we can see that they chucked in all tiers which is bordering on insulting if you pulled one of the 2 stars which you can train up in minutes, makes you wonder who is running the whole shebang


I’m quite happy with that. The 2star recruits is very unlikely but it’s 40 recruits which is 200 survivors and 10 hours.
Granted it could and probably should be a lot better but it’s definitely better than nothing. Just for all your faction logging on you will get 35 pulls. As long as a pull doesn’t give you a single 5 star, the worst after that is 40 2 stars… that’s pretty sweet with such a massive trainer drought.

Yes they should have given us trainers, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.


Shouldof been 200 Burt’s then 150 Brady’s then 100 basil’s then 50 benny’s

Event couldof been better but they are not here to help the players. They are here to make money off of The United States of America’s liberation day.

Pathetic as usual


got all single toons, no bags…

Got 6 4s and a 3s. What is this, 2016?

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This one is pretty weird ngl. Got a yellow victor that I was after though

All singles many non 5 star which isn’t a possibility apparently

Unused tokens will be converted into supply markers. Worth considering imo :joy:

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It is a possibility. 5*, 4*, 3* and 2* are all listed out. 5* and a bag of 5* fall into the same category (Scopely logic to fulfill the legal norms regarding displaying odds).

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