Dylan cards? Where are they now?

I know this has been asked before but not sure if there was a concrete answer. Any word if Dylan cards are coming back? Havent seen a peep about it in a while


I hope so. I think they’re still embarrassed about how much they messed up that event.


Hopefully soon we’ll know, since Dylan is a pretty good toon imo. And headhunter is a good specialist in general

Ive been wondering this the past few days. It’s not like releasing the cards is going to advantage those who got 50 Dylans - they will still need 6k to Sclass him or 12k to get 2 Sclass, and they can’t get more than 2 anyway.

Plus he will sync very nicely with the new Axel lead.

Seriously lol
He’s not worth any effort to get him .
Trust me save your resources for a worthy toon.
The top 3 worst S class in this game are Dylan , Glenn and Marlon
So no thanks.
No one wants him
Even if they give him as a free S class I wouldn’t use him at all

I’ll take him :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll take him too

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Getting in the queue too :wink:

Btw, glad to see you haven’t mentioned Kapoor (calling him the most useless is getting old), though I don’t agree with Dylan belonging with the most useless company

Where would you put Guo and Jason? Eugene? Gentleman? The new Doc? Dylan is on par, if not better than those, in my opinion. Would like to know your reasoning :wink:


I would exchange Dylan in this list with either Tiffany or Eugene.

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Thanks, forgot Tiffany. She’s so un-remarkable that I completely forgot about her even when listing the bottom of the crap pile :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I didn’t said I wouldn’t take him.
I said I ll never use him
And that’s a big difference lady.
However if he comes in a choice box Dylan S class and 10 Benedict .
99% I’ll choose the Benedicts .

I said top 3 not top 20 .
By the way S class doc is awesome since he is the only S class that cure heal reduction

But comparing the Gentleman one of the best toon if not the best with Dylan prouve to me you are not thinking straight .lol

Well, I just don’t hold Gentleman in high regard. Not much going for him, really… Maybe if I got all them fancy S-class (not just the 18 free/oldest ones) I could set up a team using him, but I highly doubt it - let me paraphrase you

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Aye I think I would put over 50% of Sclass toons ahead of Gentleman.

With the large sums of heavy hitting blues he losses a lot of use for me plus I have james so I have the walker side of things sorted out as well.

Cause you didn’t have the chance to use him .
A toon who one shot all enemies with a basic attack under the right setup is always welcome in my team

That’s a cool setup for fun, but not viable in wars however

I think you’re sleeping on Tiffany. Put her behind Mercer lead when fighting Mercer teams, that t1 active that clears 3 stunned just gave you an edge on the rng & gives 2 focus so you wont be giving away as much ap.

Also Mercers lead boosts her defense which would work great with her rush that taunts & gives her more defense. Not too mention she has absolute defense & vitality. Shes gonna be a tanky controller.

I could imagine Tiff being useful in arenas, if you had a really good stun resist for her. In theory

Fair play but my Aarav is one shotting at least 2 toons if not 4 on turn 2 (it’s very rare for even a defending Frost to survive his AR after a Lilly -50% def AS). There are very few RNG circumstances where that Aarav isn’t clearing a whole line - the only one I can think of off the top of my head is when a Shiva is behind a Frost, Frost resists docs taunt and Princesses Normalise doesn’t stick on Shiva.
Princess is also usually clearing lines and with a command is also then taunting 3 on top of that.
Rampage Priya is killing multiple regularly on her AR, exceptionally rare for her not to kill more than one.
Hengyen with +100% crit chance, crit set and increased crit damage often annihilates a toon (or sometimes 2).
Storm will, like Gentleman, smash a single toon with an AR but also confuse the other 3.
All of the above aside from Aarav also give control.

If wanting to go for a damage toon that will pretty much take out another toon everytime it ARs, there are so many other toons I would pick first personally.

If the meta goes camo heavy at any point, I will rate Gentleman far more highly than I currently do.

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