Dying Regions need to be 6v6 for war



I gave some incredibly positive feedback after the last war, great pairing of regions and 6v6 was a game changer for our dying regions. We had more wars and more fun last war than in the last 12months in the game. I sent a message and sang praises…2 weeks later and we are back to 8v8, this does not work for dying regions like Floyd, we have 2 factions and with 8v8 will struggle to get 2-3 wars all weekend. But when on 6v6 we had almost 30 wars!!

PLEASE for all dying, locked and inactive regions can you make war always 6v6. You clearly know which regions are like this as you paired Floyd with 4 others all in the same situation last war and it was fantastic. We all said it would also be awesome if you could merge/combine our regions as we made new friends all in the same boat.

Happy to hear your thoughts.



I hope they can open you guys up!

Though war kinda sucks for us, with long match delays and minimal matches at the moment. The new factions are matching constantly.


Boy if only merging was a thing…


Totally know what you mean, those active regions get war after war after war! I am not exaggerating when I say we will honestly be lucky to get 2-3 wars all weekend. How is that fair?