Dwight's weapon

Is this only weapon that can’t be modified? It would be nice if we could upgrade it. I would like to see this happening in future updates, I don’t think it is some big problem.

4* jesus boot cannot be upgraded, 5* OG Dwight’s crossbow cannot be upgraded and their may be a couple others. They’re default weapons, not special weapons so they can’t be upgraded. You can change his weapon and put whatever you’d like on him instead.

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4*s Jesus boot does not give any bonuses, this was first time high level weapon is switchable.

They’re both considered default weapons though. Which is why the crossbow is not upgradable.

I agree, but Dwight’s weapons does give bonuses, jesus’s boot hit is just animation (which should have persisted in higher versions).

Default weapons can’t be upgraded, regardless of whether they have stat bonuses or not. Even if it can be upgraded, you’d hurt yourself by limiting your maximum potential with upgrading weapons.

I think most are confused with it cause other toons with default weapon has obvious “default” in it’s name (bat, boot, stick, potato) and are 1*, dwight’s crossbow doesn’t - it says “a new threat” adaptable crossbow and it is unique default weapon. Also since it has 4*s on top of it so it wouldn’t hurt to do 3 upgrades if it was allowed.

It wouldn’t hurt, but it’d be stupid, which should be enough reason for people to not attempt it anyways.

Please elaborate “stupid”, since it can (hypothetically speaking since there are 4*s above) have 3 upgrades, comparing to 3,2 and 1 * weapons.

You’re better off upgrading another 4* weapon, like Military Shotgun, which already holds 30% ATK and V.Large, whereas Dwight’s crossbow only holds Stronger Attack. It would take 2 upgrades to match Dwight’s with an already base Military Shotgun, whereas it’ll take only 1 upgrade to get Stronger Attack on the military Shotgun. Considering that people have been bitching about lack of armory crafting parts for quite a while, maximization of those resources is key.

Now of course, the only situation of which it’d be better to upgrade Dwight’s crossbow would if you want to make a defensive weapon, with like 30% DEF and 30% HP. There isn’t any F2P option for a Tough weapon with a 30% base stat, but if someone were to craft a defensive weapon, they’d go for Impair when taking damage rather than Stronger Attack.

A parallel example is with leaderships and weapons pre 6s release. Looking at just 5 Fast Clementine and SR Zeke for their leadership, running Fast Clementine for the 30%DEF /30% HP boost substitutes 2 weapon stats, whereas SR Zeke only substitutes 1 weapon stat. So you could have the option of 30% DEF, HP, and Huge Bonus to AP when attacking with either 1 weapon slot enhancement, or 2 weapon slot enhancement. Of course, that example doesn’t factor in the characters themselves, but I’m drawing a parallel with numbers in terms of maximizing efficiency.

It’s like when you see people fully mod out a 3* weapon, when the crafting parts required are the same as a 4* weapon. I slightly understand if someone has the lack of an ideal base 4* weapon, but resources are limited and it’d be stupid to waste them inefficiently.

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I am on opposite side of things, I don’t know which special should I try next cause I have all defensive specs, some 2 (impair, abs def), some 3 (stun), and have all offensive spec that could use with current toons (stun, impair) - with 29 dt/pk in backpack and I’m 120th level and I’m waiting a next “pack” at 125, so it is all relative. Especially it shouldn’t be limited if you are gonna keep that toon in team set, with that weapon and you won’t move it around, aldo many toons that are now used will be close to useless in 2-3 months so that could be only point - binded weapon can not be given to new toon. But it is far from stupid, it can only be less effective usage of stuff but as said - if you are gonna use that toon for a long time it isn’t (remeber there will be 5* weapons with introduction of greater chance or whatever they are naming it, dt/pk will be useless).

PS: many got Wyatt with upgraded binded weapon, it is same situation but difference is only there isn’t other option. Some might go with “I like how it looks like.” and hit it even then.

Except there’s a difference between a bound weapon and a default weapon. I can’t give Wyatt a Stun katana while I can give Dwight a Double Attack gun. I’m not saying you can’t test the efficiency of certain weapon stats(because you still can test how good Stronger Attack is without needing to upgrade the base stats), but if one were to try and make a viable Stronger Attack weapon, starting with Dwight’s crossbow is far from ideal or efficiency.

That said, you do you. Upgrading Dwight’s crossbow is a very inefficient idea when I can just do this.

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Yes, but my point is there shouldn’t be clasification to bound and default weapons and that shouldn’t be limitation for weapon switch or weapon modding, like we have now (I know they stated it is due animation bound weapon can not be switched to other toons, but giving other weapon as stat booster should have happened and shouldn’t be explained with shiva). Uniqueness of weapons exist in some other games (diablo, fallout, nwn, baldurs gate), here it seems a little forced, I don’t feel that level of dedication (sorry for d word).

Aside from technicality, I’m looking at it from a uniqueness standpoint. How a character is defined is by his looks, AR, specialist skill, active skill, etc. Bound or unbound weapons is merely another characteristic.

But even so, Shiva isn’t the only character as to why the logic wouldn’t work. How would one handed Rick use Barker’s duo blades? How would any normal Fast character use Rick’s arm-blade? How would Alert Governor use Rosita’s or Sandy’s dual pistols?

Saying bound weapons seems a little forced is like saying certain characters having certain ARs or specialist skills seems forced. That is what defines a character, and a bound weapon is just another characterization.

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I understand why some characters have bound weapons but I personally do not like them. Waste of mats trying to get them perfect. Would rather use the mats on a weapon that I could use for any toon. You never know when the toon your using is gonna become obsolete. Cough…6 stars…cough :wink:

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Even AR’s aren’t unique, I won’t go into that area cause it is completely premiere thing why are some “uniquer”. As you saw above I didn’t go deep into unbinding weapons cause it is something I accept, their choice to use it as special animation. It can’t be explained like you want to explain it, it is graphic improving and you are hitting area “how would rick’s arm blade or ambidexterity work with one handed characters etc.” cause you are asking me real life question applied the game. Why did I mention baldur’s gate? Same as it’s clone icewind dale you have character developing (learning a skill of ambidexterity cuts you of learning technique two handed weapons, sword/shield technique etc) and that is what makes (among a lot of layers that these games offers) character unique developing. Here you could go (example, just example, no implementation) with learning “prosthetic limb” skill - 2 weapon handling fixed, “arm cut” (event, training no matter) rick’s arm blade - fixed, cut shivas paw and tie it to a stick - another fix done. Also these are few examples why this game lacks depth in character developing and making something unique, funny teams don’t exist too cause many of created skills are useless and ephemeral in all possible sets (reflection, healing) so I will stop there - especially since I played all mentioned above + many more rts/rpg setups.

But returning to main thing - yes bound weapons to characters are forced cause they lack ability to switch to even weapons they could even physically use. If others can’t use special bound ones, those with bound ones should have a switch to other without the problem (stat wise, looks can be adapted) or possibility to mod “default” one, bound toons/dwight’s example shows it.

This. I like this very much. Would be nice if the toons with bound weapons could still be equipped with any weapon as well. To get around the animation problem just use the bound one. I could care less as long as they got the stat buff from the weapon I equipped to them.

I don’t think it would be so hard for them to implement, especially since they are reworking some OG characters (OG Splashonne as I know it for now), unlocking one part of toons and adding animations. But as said this is all hypothetical, few actually can influence anything here - main reason why we are lacking diversity and actual uniqueness.

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Someone also noticed that they gave Mira a breast reduction and posted the before and after screenshots yesterday. Thought it was pretty funny that they even bothered to do that. lol

Yeah I don’t ever expect anything said here to have much impact. Mostly post here for fun and to kill time. If one person gets a chuckle from a post of mine then mission accomplished. If one day something that someone suggested makes it way into the game then we all win.

Unless, of course, it was a crappy suggestion. :wink:

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Indeed, it would be nice if they could roam trough some old RPGs (I dunno why but I was never fan of JRPG, but I would accept even that direction) cause, it may be subjective, game is really stale and boring.

Oh Boobs thing was mini troll, not a bad joke tho. I would accept helmet for boobs switch on 6*s tho.

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