DWIGHTS Rifle Maps


So you complete the maps and no rifle. Nowhere in initial delivery of thesemaps did it state you would nof have the rifle unless you achieved milestones. Most occasions in the past Scopely gave us drops through raids. Not this time. How are we going to get the rifle and Dwight even if we complete all themaps. You need Scopely to be fairer to your supporters. We make your game great.

Springs and triggers
  1. They didn’t say you wouldn’t need to complete milestones

  2. Never trust scopely, get it when you can or risk missing out

  3. They suggested in some posts that there may be catch ups maps, although manage your own expectations here


Maybe there is hope for you


The F’d up thing is I have a bunch extra red dot sights and rifle barrels…but not enough butt stocks and foregrips. What gives???

@kalishane please oh please make sure they get this in lol


Assume they will only release exactly enough parts for any particular thing, and you won’t be disappointed. I missed limited edition Jesus. Never again!



Hmmm i lost a longer time my XP Mission at one im our frak…i Play every day and a Lot and with Fun…but without this Mission ITS hard to get da new Hofer Milestones…so …what is me f###ed Up is These lowrider comments from highgamer they told us something about our genitals?? What Zombie genies You are…have Fun otherwise suprise with Gun