Dwights items for players who dont have them all


Im not spaming and im not bitching im stating the obvious problems with this gamejust before war we had a solo level up now after war we have a new solo level up and the milestones introduce dwights shirts at 1 million why we just had a level up how the hell are we going to get this its not fair for anyplayer even old players we cant even get that let alone 6* dwight i saved up for him and even paid money for barb wires and ended up with 985 only a few more


I still need items for his riffle collection is there any word on if we will have chances to get more parts or missing parts


You could strategize. You don’t have to hit all the milestones, just the one that is accessible without having to spend too much resources.

Eg: I hit the 250k milestone, will hit the legendary milestone for this SR event, then hit whatever milestones is left for the LU after this SR. I will have enough shirts by then without needing to overuse resources.

That game has always been about resource management, sometimes more apparent than other times.


This is shaping up to be one of the worst events ever. A lot of people didn’t even get the double attack gun. A lot of people didn’t get enough red plastic pieces to make 1 pull. A lot of people missed some barbed wire pieces. A lot of people are going to miss some leather vests. We have also dealt with a lot of vague information during this event regarding the red plastic pieces, and time to catch up on missed barbed wire and leather vests. A lot of this event seemed shrouded in secrecy and the only way for some people to get information is to get it from the russian hackers over at VK instead of from the source. :man_shrugging:


Sometime next week was the word from @kalishane regarding extra parts.


I have said it a before several times but still waiting on those damn rifle parts LOL


The original statement from her was 28th or 29th, maybe sooner. I’m not defending anything, just repeating what’s been said.


My issue is I believe she said ‘hopefully’…I’d like a more definitive answer then that lol


I can’t blame you there. I’ve honestly not paid a lot of attention to the parts threads (thankfully, I squeaked by on the milestones), so I may not be up to date.


On the other hand it won’t be fair on those who strategize their resources. I didn’t got all milestones of all level ups, neither did i ascend all my 6 stars at one go… Just plan


They seem to be giving tons of opportunities for these shirts even throwing in an extra level up to get them with milestones. The damn rifle parts were pretty much hit every single thing or you fucked thing


That logic would hold true if they told us when and where the drops would be. So how do you have strategy for something that you have no idea when and how many will drop? Some events you can miss half the shit and still get. Others you miss one thing and you don’t. That’s my issue.


And it’s not like you can extrapolate from even previous parts of this same event, there were several where just getting the first 2 milestones got you 200 pieces, and now you need to get 750k for fewer pieces, so even if you did budget your resources that way you still could have gotten screwed when they arbitrarily made it take more to get less. 50, maybe 100k should be as high as you ever need to go for collection pieces, brand new people will still have a hard time but everyone who has been playing for any length of time can still get them easily enough and new players can if they work hard to hit the goals, which are basically worthless now relative to what the milestones are.


Ok, so I was slacking some on leather vests but was able to get enough by hitting 1,400 in solo raid tournament. I have 1,025 barbed wire and 1,035 leather vests, and that was not being able to reach all milestones in level up and slacking a bit. It was possible to get Dwight but what had me worried is the vague information on the tournaments and event and not getting a definite answer on what we will have a chance to catch up on and how long and so forth. So during this event I was able to get Dwight and the AK-74. I didn’t get to make any pulls from collecting red plastic pieces. I am also short 50 turkey. I am hoping to just get 50 turkey to drop so I can make 1 pull at feast or famine.

I had to use 11 raid refills and wait for some free energy to regenerate to get 1,400. So I had to do somewhere around 70-80 raids to reach 1,400 and here I was getting my panties in a bunch this whole time and worrying myself and this close >< to having a panic attack.