Dwight's going to be put in the 5* wheels, so I guess it's not a big deal if we miss out


Just like the Michonne Negan event, Dwight will be put in premier recruits two weeks after events over, then possibly in the next event wheel, then 5* wheel, so if anyone misses out on getting him this event, do not worry. Also his gun will be in the 4* weapons wheel too. Honestly I don’t care if I get him or not. Just want this event to be over ugh…

This is the Scopley way. Have us grind for a collection, to find out they’ll just be put in the character wheels sooner or later after the events.


So insightful.


Hows it a trash post? It’s the truth, if you don’t like seeing the truth then that’s on you.


Great input guys, you’re a credit to your peers.


Whatever man. You’re in denial. When he does be put in the wheels, then you’ll feel pretty stupid and come back to this thread. You can deny all you want, so if you don’t know Scopley by now then idk what to say.

You really think they wouldn’t put him in the wheel? Just look at all the toons people paid for. Now they are in the wheels and payers can’t do nothing about it. This is Scopley we’re talking about. Smh…


Ltd Edition Negan was about 8 months exclusive before being put in the wheel for a one time only promo, more than likely it will EVENTUALLY be available for others to get but this is the best, easiest and free-est way to obtain this character.

its just your title on the thread seems to hint at that you were confirming dwight will be in there


What’s this tear jerking post supposed to solicit?


So… let’s completely ignore the fact that we can get a free ascendable 5* and really decent 4* weapon? Gotcha.