Dwight's crossbow missing from armory



I have Dwight but Dwight’s crossbow is missing. When I place him as a faction supporter it shows the crossbow can be upgraded. However, when I go to my armory no crossbow has ever been there. Please, help! My armory is lvl 9.


Its a visual thing. He really doesnt have a crossbow.


i use it in missions. so it’s is just not upgradable?


nope not upgrade able. you can switch it out with anohter weapon


You can equip dwight with any blue weapon in your inventory.


Okay. Thanks guys!


Dwight 5☆/6☆ should have an icon showing it as dedicated weapon like Shiva’s Claws.

But with Dwight you can change his weapon out, you can’t on Shiva.

Maybe that’s why they didn’t assign the icon.
However, you also can not upgrade or use Dwight’s crossbow on another toon. You won’t find it in your roster.

Should be able to upgrade it for Dwight to use IMHO. :blush:


Dwight’s crossbow is different than Shiva’s claws. Shiva’s claws are a bound weapon. No other toon can wield them and Shiva cannot wield any other weapon. Dwight’s crossbow is a unique default weapon like 4* Jesus’s kick - No other toon can wield it, but Dwight (and 4* Jesus) can wield any other weapon of their trait.


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