Dwight's AR v.s. stun gun

Alright survivors and scopes i gotta question. When using 6* Dwight his adrenaline rush is Deal 2 attacks of 350% damage to one enemy etc…but when i attack an alert enemy equipped with a stun gun, dwight gets stunned after the first hit and doesnt complete his rush. Is this intentional? I feel like even if dwight gets stunned he should still be able to finish his rush and land the second attack. Am i crazy for thinking this. Could i please get some clarification on this. Its really been bothering me. Thanks

Working as designed, his rush is two standard hits. So, if he’s rocking an impair on attack gun you get two chances at impair. Double hit ak47, you may get 4 hits. So it makes sense that if he is stunned on first hit then he can’t make the second.


It’s designed as a risk: reward type thing. You risk his rush being stopped by stun, blocked by Abs defence etc. But you can make it crazy powerful as it is directly affected by buffs, weapon skills etc some of which don’t affect a rush as Kovacs said


Thanks guys i just had to make sure. Dwight just does whatever he wants lol

4 hits is fun. (Talking my guy, not my opponents!)


Haha! Yeah, the first time dwight killed two 6* I giggled like a schoolgirl.

A masculine schoolgirl… Lol


Wait until you kill 3 from one go with Dwight…6 hits, I won’t say anymore :yum:.

That’s weird i have him on a regular and have yet to see him do a 6 attack across 3 people… he will proc 4 attacks with a double attack weapon, and if timed right can have one hit (hit twice) land on one character and another hit (hit twice or once depending on enemy hp) land on another character, effectively killing both but even then when there’s a 3rd person alive he doesn’t go to a 3rd person… how have you Done that

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Ah I said wasn’t gonna say anymore! But, sharing is caring, right? Lol…hint #2: add a command :grinning:

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OoOOo…I see what you’re saying, I haven’t seen it because I’m not rocking a command yet…was thinking of ascending siddiq is but his crit bonus on 5s is so sick in survival road

Working as designed. Stun stops everyone in their tracks. Moral of the story. Do not rush Dwight against a stun gun equipped toon. Unless…

Do you feel Lucky?

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So not quite what you were suggesting, that would be killing three from two goes. Just because those two goes happen on the same turn because of a command is irrelevant.

I thought it waa because of pain split xD

That used to work hilariously with Andrea when the pain split Rick came out in the 5 star days. You could one shot Rick with Andrea and do enough damage to kill absolutely anyone else sharing the pain.

Not in the days of Wyatt though…

… I would like to say more… What is this sorcery?

I have ‘confused’ Rick before & he’s attacked the enemy he was split with * killed himself haha (was already on low health of course.)

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That is even better than watching confused Tyreese decapitate his own team

ive had Alpha splash damage my own team. was ugly…