Dwights AK - should this charge AR on second attack?


Was chuffed to bits to get the AK today but then disapointed to see that the second attack doesn’t charge AR. Is this a bug or is it meant to only charge on the first attack? The second is an “attack” after all.


it is no bug, double attack has never charged ar. would be overpower imo if it did, since youd be gaining an extra turn


Thanks for quick reply - shame as was hoping this would allow Alpha to go off turn 1 with a command in the team. Turn 2 it is :stuck_out_tongue:


Correct, it is not a bug. You get 2 hits off and get 1 instance of AR back. The enemy who gets double attacked, gets AR charged twice however.


Maybe like few months ago, I wouldn’t mind it getting AP on the 2nd attack to balance it. But with 6*s now, many of the weapon stats, on the most part, have been balanced due to new mechanics. Only special trait that still holds relative uselessness would be bleed, and probably another one or so I’ve forgotten.


I would also suggest looking in the thread Combat Reference, the devs there have been answering all sorts of questions to help clarify the game.