DwightGate - is it real?


I got ascendable Barker from reaching level up milestone of 1mil points. The rewards went sharply downhill from there.


I got my 2nd five star from the anniversary event! Quick strike Duane. He was the top pull if I remember correctly.


I think that :fast: Shiva Force Ezek was one of the best freebies we ever got. I use him a lot. There was some farming for him but it was worth it.


Well my point was that we shouldn’t expect such a good 6-star toon at such a low participation threshold this soon. Yes we were pretty much given Zeke to whet our appetites but look at Mira - a lot complain there were too many given out.

If everyone is handed this Dwight it will only worsen the current situation of boring cookie cutter teams. The solution is to make more older ascendable toons, like everyone has been suggesting to deaf ears.


after sr i’ll have 835 shirts, I would have had dwight after this event but level up after level up I couldnt even hit the first milestone.


Tripp was pretty easy to get.


I really don’t understand why they don’t just give him in a roadmap. Would be the perfect Christmas present


It is always funny when people say it is the end of the game or

There have been no announcements that the game is coming to an end. They wouldn’t have introduced 6* if the game was coming to an end. Many people are wishing for the death of this game daily, and then being downers and sourpusses and trying to bring everyone else down along with them. Then I just love/hate it when people use the term “cookie cutter”. Sorry I have nothing to add to this thread, just wanted to get that off my chest.


I think there should be more events where we can work for toons but putting shirts up on ridiculous milestones with constant solo level up spam is a disturbing move.

Majority of player base are F2P and keep the game alive as much as spenders do.

All this serves to do is tick off vets and make new players disappointed. We have more exodus and less influx of fresh blood. It also invalidates our work thus far, hence the forum angst.

You also still have to ascend him, so he’s a 5star which are not “end game” toons any more. Half a pull for decent tourney rankings, so I think Dwight Gate is a very realistic and valid concern.


then explain it to me almighty holder of knowledge. Does he mean end of the year character? Since this year is coming to an end soon. The way things are worded are important. What does end-game mean?


Beginning, mid, and end game are gaming terms hearkening back to traditional MMOs like wow.

End game in wow was max character, max gear, completing raids for best gear in game.

People still use the term, but using it in this game where “game progression” revolves around RNG or how deep your pockets are, is silly at best.


I never knew that honestly because I was never big into MMO games and even had no idea wtf meta was, RNG, or any of those terms because I am a noob to this shit. I usually just bought console games.


All good :slight_smile:

Never know or learn if you don’t ask. I was a PC gamer myself. :slight_smile:


My 4* Kelly is end game compared to Gator lol! :stuck_out_tongue:


And then scopely came with the 2 year anniversary gear event.

Jesus. Times are tough nowadays.


Dwight will be added into the 5* wheel soon enough, no doubt Scopely will do what they did last time and make him redundant a day after like they did with the revive Jesus.


was it really a day after?


Pretty certain it was a day or two after they introduced decapitate. Pretty scummy for them to do knowing the majority chose him instead of Dwight.


Free 5*/6* regardless.


No complaints with Dwight, I’ll bet £50 that the leaked 6* yellow Maggie is the first promo after this new threat event ends though.

Next promo yellow maggie 6* VK leak