Dwight shirts/barbs


Are these shirts gonna be available in another fashion or must people somehow get 1.25 million on the 6th level up in the last month.

Thanks in advance.

Dwight collection character


It’s been hard to get a definite answer on this – I’ve been trying but I believe they will be adding them into events throughout the week and possibly after? I don’t have a solid answer and I’m sorry about that.

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Adding them to events tells us absolutely nothing. Rewards, grossly high milestones? Some “transparency” would be nice.


Please stop adding them to all of these stupid ass level up events that you keep doing. Cancel the solo level up for the weekend and replace it with a solo/faction raid and put them as milestones in which anyone with a decent amount of cans can achieve. WE ARE SICK OF LEVEL UPS! SICK!


Or let them be on the drop table, along with the gun pieces m any are missing.


I think it’s less about transparency and honestly that LiveOps has to iterate real-time a lot. We just don’t know 100% just yet.


Just put them in a roadmap. Or something accomplishable.


I have to agree. “Events” is a term that has been used for offers and shop bags as often as it for tournaments. That doesn’t assure much.


How is it possible to not know? Most business plans work months if not years in advance. Are you telling me theres no plan more then a couple days out? #transparency


#liability and #certainty

Telling us and not delivering or changing what was told ahead of time makes an even bigger mess. If we get told early there will be an opportunity to 500 vests Thursday and it doesn’t happen it’s not going to end well. I don’t like it. I’d rather deal with subject to change info because at least it’s info but I don’t totally blame them for playing safe. Some people can’t handle “broken” non-promises.

Even though “more safe” might be absolute confirmation lol.


I completely get that but come on. What kind of business model is that? To me all it does is show incompetence in planning and communication.


no arguments there


Okay, so, we just had a meeting.

Shirts should be in all tournaments this week at some capacity. (sounds like every milestone.)

It sounded like this may also include barbs as well. Just make sure to participate in all events.

There will also be a catch up – but it will be really hard.

If you don't hit any milestones for Dwight collection... don't expect Dwight
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The problem with milestones is they are extremely high, even with 6*s in play most of us have maxed what is available to us.


Explain the catch up please


@kalishane While this is encouraging to hear on a certain level, the fact that the milestones are ridiculously high (especially on the solo level ups), I don’t know that it will make it all the more achievable for F2P players to hit them. Could you pass this request on to Live Ops? Please set milestones for the weekend Level Up Event to more realistic levels.
If they want to make milestones as high as 2mil, great, rock it out. But how about some for the folks who have more meager resources, or just started playing, or you know, participated in the 5+ OTHER LEVEL UPS WE’VE HAD THIS MONTH? Just sayin’. Please, and Thank You!


They should be on all milestones! Just smaller amounts on the low ones.


An update would be great about this, are you gonna drop more ways to get those items or just this unfair and impossible level up up to 2 millions points?


This makes zero sense to me unless they keep proposing rewards and someone keeps rejecting what they proposed. Otherwise it’s just filling in 2 tables with 3 columns, placememt/milestone pts, reward, quantity…

Maybe im missing something here…


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