Dwight roadmap?


There’s more than 12 hours left can we pleeeeeeeeease get some roadmaps for the Dwight collections?


Im missing 25 wires and 100 vests :frowning:


I’m only missing 15 wires. 75 springs for the gun. That’s it… I’m beyond pissed if we don’t get a flash roadmap or something. Jesus. What a waste of time.


I’ll cross my fingers for all of you but I can’t help but wonder how you are still short.


Personally because I already used my characters to ascend. I work my ass off. No slacking here bud. No resources or characters to level up. Ya know… cause there’s been so many?


From all the level ups i had no one left to level up


I wish Shane could at least acknowledge this thread and the issue underlying. Maybe instead of posting a hype train meme on another thread that’s not quite as pressing.


Using 2*’s and hitting the lowest milestone would have sufficed. It’s hard for me to understand how anyone could try and not get the gun and Dwight.


Hat do you want her to acknowledge?


Quit being a fuckin troll dude. Get out of here with that crap. No patience or respect for someone being as disrespectful as you.

To answer your smartass question… how about…
" I’ll check into it and find out something"


Are you talking to me?


The fact you had to ask just confirms how ignorant you are. How about you get out of my thread? Thanks.


There was MORE than enough opportunities to get the collection items, almost a 2:1 ratio.

On top of those free opportunities to complete the collections, they also offered ‘featured (see:coin) shop crates’ to help those that couldn’t meet minimums by normal gameplay.

Admittedly the early 250k milestones were tough for most players to hit but the extra ‘catch up’ milestones & rewards still provide more than enough pieces to both puzzles.

You either didn’t participate enough or didn’t buy the crates, so the shortcoming is entirely your own doing.



Christ almighty. @Punisher
Like I don’t know I didn’t get the milestones needed. You are a regular Sherlock.
There was only the gun crate by the way.


And by the the way what is spelled w h a t, troll.


Hows the scopely job going.


Then you really don’t know how to play. Play to the bonuses. It only takes a dozen. I hope your life improves. :slight_smile:


My “anger”. Lol you have no idea what anger looks like you dunce.


Yes, thanks for the spell check. I am ashamed. Perhaps this game is not for you?


I hope yours does cause it’s people like you that are ruining the world, sad sad person.