Dwight Roadmap has no story




This was gold.


Care to share more “toons inspirations” from those videos? Lol
So far 1* Susan, 6Vincent, 5 Davie lol
I think dash may be one of the trait walkers, but not so sure about that because of all the rotten flesh haha


There is only one Scopely employee in the game and it isn’t Dash. :slight_smile: (although I’ve tried for years!)


I am empty, I feel nothing.


Who it is ? We already figured Susan :grimacing:


“Susan” is our very talented art lead at IUGO up here in Vancouver so she’s not the person I was referring to. That’s all the hints I’m giving for now. :grin:


Its you, made urself into a walker. What do i win?


Very talented indeed, the art is one of the strongest qualities of this game. Give “susan” my compliments hahaha