Dwight Roadmap has no story


So I played through the first act of the Dwight fight roadmap, and there was no story to it at all, just went straight into the missions, is that the same for everybody? It seems a bit strange to have a roadmap like that not having any cut scenes at all. I was hoping for a bit of Dwight backstory or maybe just another made up story from those kids about how bad Dwight is.

This is even worse that the Theresa roadmap that had one of the act1 scenes in act2 and completely ruined the story by missing out one of the last parts of the story.

Oh well I know I shouldn’t expect anything, but the roadmap stories are one of the few things that are actually remotely interesting about getting new content of this game. back to farming 6-2 to make up for the survivors I was expecting to get from the zero energy roadmap yesterday, just so I can hit another 250k milestone in the individual level up coming next week to get the bits for the Dwight I will never use outside of SR


You expected a story?


very much a backstory of dwight should of been there.


“Should” have…

You’ve met scopely right?

There are lots of things that should have happened by now…
Storylines dont even make it into the top 100. Lol


I did think that a bit odd considering the map title…


Yeah there is bigger issues, but the little things can be easily fixed, to release a map like this with no story just shows that no effort has gone into it at all. and if they can’t be bothered to put any effort in at all, then why release it in the first place.

I imagine it is actually supposed to have a story behind it as almost all the maps they release do, but we know how good their testing department is, so they probably didn’t even notice.

Lets never forgot how good this dude is at his job

1 min 40 in.


Coming soon: a war with no prizes.


And what’s the thing about diversity of employees? Do you guys in states care that much if there’s no asians or women are working in the company ?


@5 mins in - Hope clearly hasn’t picked up the game lol


Realised something. At 03:09, thats the woman used as “inspiration” to 1* Susan


Just had to go and have a look through my roster, and it certainly looks quite like her. now I am going to end up watching the whole thing through and see if I can spot any others.


The devs told that most of the walkers and 1* toons are based on current Scopely staff


3:41- Vincent inspiration lol


I was hoping to spot John, the guy showing her round could be Gerald if he has slightly longer hair.


Prob creepy smile Davie at 0:09 lol


I think I know what I am doing with my Friday, this game is fun.


Subtitles ftw


He works his name on her butt.
And the top guy works at skokie.


They were too busy working on fixing war and delivering us exciting prizes to come up with a story.

Child, please.


Here, the story you have so ardently longed for, in the style of every other roadmap.

"We gotta get back at those fuckers. "
“Over there!”
-cue mission one-
"Whew, that was close. "
“Watch your back there’s more over there!”
-cue mission two
"There’s always more of them. "
“Look out!”
-cue mission three
"Hopefully that’s the last of them. "
“Behind you!”
-cue mission four
"Don’t know who these walkers think they are messing with. "
“On your right!”
-cue mission six
"Wish Negan were here. "
“Walkers sighted!”
-cue mission seven
"Rick is gonna get his due. After we clear these walkers. "
-cue mission eight
-feel disappointment.