Dwight Rifle Parts?


Missing 75 springs and 75 triggers since 20+ days were left in the event. Now there are 5 days left and I have been checking for a parts roadmap everyday. Nothing… Why make the rifle event so long if the parts were only in the first few days of event? Or will there be more parts? Just need 75… pretty sure I did all of the roadmaps too… I log in everyday.


You know what to do if you really want those parts… :wink:


You didn’t complete both Level Ups milestones. That’s why you’re missing parts.

Anyway Kalishane said we would have something early next week. Probably a flash roadmap but who knows by now.


Hi @kalishane, could you tell us some info about the rifle parts, we would like to know if there’s a map or milestone with this. Since the map for the first parts was on twice but the final parts just once. There’s only 5 days remaining in the museum.

Thanks in advance for you answer and time :slight_smile:


Got mine!


I thought someone here said we were going to be getting roadmaps for the Dwight missions for the stuff we were missing. It would’ve been nice if the stuff we needed dropped in raids also.


It’s especially annoying since these shirts have been dropping like crazy lol. With the AK you missed like one thing and fucked.


Shane said we’d be getting a catch up early next week, the pieces would come in the form of milestones and mystery bags


Sorry to say this, but the Gabe, Elenore, & Tripp event & the Shiva Force events were better then this one. At least you could get the stuff you needed multiple ways.


Really hoping this still coming


Don’t want to put in the effort to search for it, but I’m pretty sure @kalishane said there would be an extra parts map coming…last week. Three days left in the event and I haven’t seen it.