Dwight - Milestones required?


If I missed the 2nd milestone in the Level up tournament for Barbed Wire for Dwight will I still be able to get him or are the milestones required?

If I can’t complete the gold and elite stages for the solo SR will I still be able to get Dwight?


Probably not since milestones were required to obtain Dwight’s rifle.


Probably since they are already giving extra rifle parts. I would bet they will give you another shot at missed parts.


I’ve never been able to complete elite before so…


Really? Where?

They have given extra parts for the first two, but no maps have repeated for the sections that had the increase in LU rewards.

Could they still do it? Of course. But let’s not give them credit until those maps go up.

As for the TC: Yeah, you’re probably screwed. Unlike when I started, Scopely doesn’t seem to want newbies and even the average player to partake in the community events anymore.


I’ll be short 50 if nothing else comes up. Have 600 currently. 200 from Act III coming up. Then 150 from the SR tourney (if I get through elite). Future ain’t looking bright for me and Dwight…