Dwight lead and 2 Alphas

Whatever happened to this overpowered team? Is it still good?

I don’t know about other people but my Alpha isn’t doing the crits required as much to make it useful


Yeah the crit nerf pretty much destroyed her usefullness in anything other than a tower team


Dwight lead with 2 Alphas and 2 Michonnes, I wonder how that would do

I run alpha behind Mira with this weapon

I havnt really noticed too much difference but I only ever stacked crit for walker stages, there however I have noticed a decline

Yes this is still a great offense against range. Add much one and easy clean up.

Well if you have 2 michs you rek anyone anyway
Does hell a lot dmg

i took my alphas from 30 to 35crit and all is well again. just clang and bang all day.

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