Dwight Items and Rifle Parts Roadmap


With the event almost over, and with a day left for it’s departure, nothing would be better than launching a short roadmap with Rifle parts, barbed wires and shirts.

It would’t cost a thing, Scopes. Not with players 100 - 5 collection items away from the completion.

(Please, refrain from reffering to others as incompetents or lazy asses. There’s enough of that around here already. If you got your rifle and your Dwight, then you have no right to argue about others missing a few things.)

Edit: Look at the Roadway Map, it sure needs at least one more Roadmap to complement it. Doesn’t it look a bit too… Empty, after the others closed?

@Kalishane , Please, “take this to the team”



And what about us dedicated players who completed the collection days ago?

Have we to sit bored?



Its just a roadmap. I don’t see why yo have a problem with that



If other people are getting a use out of it , I want a reward too, not my fault they’re not as good and need several catch ups

It’s only fair us dedicated better players get rewards too

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We’ll see if the extra parts and shirts an wires will have a compensation, like Supply Tokens. In the meantime, don’t be selfish when it comes to be completing a collection someone really wants to complete.



Oh I agree they should let everyone complete the collection

But they should make it so like you farm a map and then there’s two collections

One gives you shirts and weapon parts
One gives you some 5* tokens and 4* weapon tokens

The players still get their chance at Dwight and us who completed it days ago get a chance at some other stuff



You are talking out of your bottom . You may be dedicated but you are a little selfish if you think that the vast majority of players like myself still need vests or barb wires are not deserving of the dwight. You come across as a bit of a tool to be frank



I will not reply to bullying

You sir have been flagged



Get a grip will you and explain why you can have an opinion yet if i voice mine im a bully ??? Lol you really need to look up the word bully

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It’s over. Either you had the resources to get him or you didn’t.