*Dwight Fight III*


@kalishane @kalishane @kalishane Please tell everyone in the fourms why we wont get this road map even though only 5% of players have him, do you even have him? I mean after 9 level ups yall give us a faction level up where we need 1 million to get the parts can you ask the team to make barbs and shirts drop from raids? That would be great please respond (and please no negative comments that we had all chances thrown at us, level up after level up after level up isnt fair to us players who run out after it all)


The scopely way.

Players unable to hit early milestones via level up, so we will keep the same ridiculous early milestones and get them to spend but we did offer chances via same level up milestones.

#players last


Yes, too many level ups, that’s for sure. But i reckon more than 5% of active players got him. I think at least half of my faction did, and we’re not high ranked. The raid tournament helped a lot of us