Dwight collection


So, dwight’a parts needed for collection are being released in the milestone of the upcoming level up. Are we gonna expect more of this? After a month of level up how can we score 250k?


I do it pretty much every lvl up F2P. Get your farms maxed and farm maps like crazy. Playing consistently brings in regular 5s, just get them to T4 before lvl up starts. Start training 2s a day or two before. It’s doable, when you’re in the later stages of the game.


125 t4 levels seems like a lot until you realize if you break it up among 3-4 toons its a lot more manageable. Andbif along the way you can get a few milestones to add a few points reduces it further…

Its just becoming painful as a whole though i do agree.


To be fair, I generally don’t go much higher than 250k. Maybe to the 500k if I really need the gear, but I dont shoot for the mill. The bang for buck just isn’t there.


It’s getting tough for sure.

Food is my big pain.

I can and do farm loads of Survivors and have plenty of toons to train.


Scopely please don’t do this way, many people need him and many can’t do milestones, I thought you were going with roadmaps?


I generally sell gear. Farming the high end gear maps for beanies or talkies renders a few surplus other bits that aren’t needed. Drop rates for camp stoves are excessive compared to beanies. Seriously. 10 cans for 2 beanies sucks, but it’s the best I’ve had in months.


I don’t like putting up more than 100k on average if I’m not going for the top prize, but at least there’ should incentive to put up more than 250k because top 100 gives a Benny!!!,


There will probably be a roadmap


I want to know if there will be other chances to get the pieces in milestones because I am not seeing YGL scav mission right now and right now the outlook is grim on getting 250k this level up just to get 200 barbed wire. I won’t waste my time on trying or pulling my hair out to get 250k because YGL is not even showing up right now so how else am I supposed to reach 250k? Not enough time or resources to get 250k with only 1 day 18 hours left without YGL showing up. If no other way of getting barbed wire and leather vest and they are going to be exclusive to milestones then I can see how obtaining 5* Dwight is going to be bias for anyone that is not able to reach those milestones.


@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Yes


I’m gonna beat you up discobot!




Like the weapon, I anticipate this being Half RM, Half aevent ‘Lowball’ Milestones.

Course they could end up pulling a Fort aknox on us again… waiting to see on that.


Opposite for me. I kept getting flaks.


Got 2 flaks too, but I already had like 15.


I actually need beanies and gear. Ascending mirabelle took up lots of my roster so ascending fours to build it back up.


Yeah, I refuse to sacrifice anything useful from my 5* roster. When I get new 5s, most of the time they look way too useful to give up. Beanies for 4s, even for ascendance feels like a waste when I’m getting so many decent 5*s roll in. I do make the occasional try for Rosa though.


What do you consider a new player? I am prestige 10 and have been playing for a year. You might have been playing since the release but that is only 2 years. Kind of unfair to call someone that has been playing a year less than you a new player. 60K xp scavenger mission? never heard of that! I see one for 46k but that takes 6 days to complete. Anyway YGL just popped up so here we go.