Dwight Barbs And Shirts for sale?


Can we have a bag thats sells 300 barbs and 300 shirts for 400 coins in the shop id pay for it and that be a great way to get dwight instead of these level ups like the gun parts


I’m with you there. I’m at 925 barb wire and I have enough shirts. I would gladly pay for 3 bags if necessary to guarantee I get Dwight. I really hope they offer something before the event ends.


Me too pls I need 115 barbs pretty please


where is the vests? are they coming soon?


I think you and scopely may be valuing 6 stars differently. $5 of coins is probably below the price they’re pitching them


There you go. A way for you to get him :blush:


And this is how and why they get away with things. lol


actually jokes on them. I just leveled up, dead serious and got 335 coins for free. LMAO


I wouldn’t buy them if I didn’t get parts tbh…


:blush: nice! I hope you get all that you need


Thank you :wink:


That’s a damn good idea, really hope they do and it will make them money.


It’s kind of a terrible idea for everyone who has spent lots of time and burnt through gear and refills to get dwight that way. Makes all that, and the whole event, seem kinda pointless


I needed 75 of each so I got a gun bag which of course had the lowest amount 25 so I had to buy another one which got me the gun I don’t tend to bitch but it is frustrating I missed one lvl up as I just figured they would release a road map which they had been doing didn’t know that was the only way to get parts for the gun


I’m not saying give away Dwight I’m just saying for those people who have worked hard to get the pieces needed but just didn’t have the resources to hit every milestone in every level up give them a chance to get the last few pieces they need. It’s not like someone that needs like 200 of each is going to spend for it and if they did it would cost them a fortune just a reasonable chance for the people that are oh so close.


I lost out on barbs as I lost my ygl for over a week just when the level up was on so I couldn’t hit the target required and yes I tried but resources just didn’t happen,I se they have the gun parts for sale so same thing really and yes I worked hard and got the gun.


Same here. I worked hard and got the gun in both of my regions. Got Dwight in one region but I’m 75 barb wire short in the other. I have no issue with the gun bag even though I have the gun.


not really at all… they got them free of charge and said people buying the pieces would not be so… wrong.


Oh okay. So it’s fine in a month long event to not earn the rewards but to buy them at the end. Nothing against the players doing this, but if someone’s blown a load of gear and burnt through all their resources to make milestones (i.e. So not really ‘free’ in the context of this game’s mechanics), they have no reason to be annoyed when they find out they could have not bothered, and dropped $20 for the same thing at the end of the event.


But you couldn’t just not do anything all month and drop $20 and get it like you’re saying. You would have had to have acquired over 1900 of the 2000 parts throughout the month. But if you busted your a$$ all month to try and get it and you are just short and willing to pay the difference I think that’s fair. Assuming the same bags as the gun parts 25, 50, 75 and 100 barbed wire and shirts. It would cost 475 coins (even if it’s more coins for the Dwight stuff id be fine with that) times 20 pulls (assuming an average of 50 per pull which let’s face it is way higher than the actual average would be) almost 10,000 coins to buy him from scratch. and even if they made the bags like 800 - 1000 coins I’d be fine with it.