Dwight Barbed Wire


please sell it! At this point im only 30 away from the pull but no way to get the last dwight barbed wires!


This is pretty much exactly what scopee wants as far as I am concerned. Instead of making an event players who play loyally can get they make it just hard enough that it becomes out for reach.

Yeah I am sure there is players who made it without paying and those have already all 6* and wonder why people might have a hard time getting there.

Good luck is all I can really say.


Sorry friend im only 30 shirts away ik how its going to feel to not get him im sorry :face_with_head_bandage:


Please stop begging to give them cash.


I’m f2p and have only 4 6* and I got dwight


Didn’t level a single 6*, still got Dwight. In fact, didn’t even touch my training grounds, all basic tokens, YGL(no coining), war chests, and 3s/4s. (Aside from the usual 2*/5* leveling.)


Well how did you manage that? I was 165 short on shirts. Could not make the last 4 150,000 mile stone events that where 12 hrs long. Nor placed very high in the quick raid event but other then that did all events maps and the likes.


If you only have 4 6* that means you had 32 5* to burn. So the average joe you figure have 50-60 5*? Seems a bit high considering unless your in a top faction or a spender.


Not if u use benedicts to cut down on the 5 stars used


Leveling isn’t just that. You have to prep and take advantage of objective bonuses. I use 2* to complete objective 3 it takes very little food and is super quick. I have about 5-10 2* of each kind, hunter, soldier, etc and have them at t3lvl1. Once level up starts I use those to clear the t3 ones. Even for ultra rare ones you can use 4*. I use any extra 3* to feed into each other for rushes to complete 4th objective. Most of my level up scores are all objective bonuses and from 2* toons. I use my scavenger for the 5 and 6* once they get to those really hard levels that cost so much. Theres so many little tricks to learn to become a successful leveler. Yes all these solos did get a bit draining but I’m always prepping for level ups. I have tg always going and only use war crates and tokens when in dire striats. So I always have a fall back. I would recommend now that this event is over get with someone who knows level up strat and skip next few weeks and build yourself a nice stock pile of food and survivors.