Dwight barb wire and rifle parts


There needs to be a roadmap for the barbs and gun parts i only have 985 barbs and for this level up you need 500k for 1000 and alot of people cant do that as well for the rifle parta we only need 75 more of each besides 1st parts this is a issue alot of players are having and i spent money for barbs and im upset i wont get dwight :frowning:


Yea. I missed rifle parts in one sr tournament thinking I’d be fine to catch up because I saw a scopely worker say they’d be releasing the maps twice so I didn’t bother with it… same with Dwight’s barbed wire except I was actually busy with this thing called real life. Pretty jacked myself


There’s a projected catch up day for the gun parts, not sure about dwight tho.


I got my wire from the SR tourney. A lot of people missed it, but a lot of people got it.

A lot of people also have the gun and got extra parts for it. Sorry u missed out, but the parts were availible.

Idk why anyone would wait and just hope for an easier way to get parts. If you did try to wait, well that’s a risk and hopefully you weighed possible outcomes of this situation.

I was unsure if I was wasting resources to get these parts at times, but I decided to play it safe and get them while they were availible. I knew it was possible that they might be offered in an easier way later, but I didn’t want to take the risk that they wouldn’t be.

Sorry if I’m coming off like a dick, but if y’all don’t get the rifle or Dwight I just hope you can learn from this event and go harder next time.


@mountkay be like this when his children are hungry:

" Now children, you know that there was plenty of food available in the beginning, so if you missed out, you’re just gonna have to deal with it, and let this be a lesson for you to be here when there is food available, and try a bit harder next time."

So basically in your logic, if your children are hungry and missed out on getting some food in their stomachs, they will just have to deal with it, and try a bit harder to get some food the next time. Not everyone in your household will be able to eat, and you run off of a survival of the fittest mindset.


Stop stealing my name. FRAUD!


Jesus man. U went pretty far with that extrapolation. Haha I wouldn’t say that to starving kids, but if there was a brat and I already offered him lunch 3 times and he refused, only to throw a tantrum 1 hour later saying he was hungry. Then yeah, I might tell him to try and learn a lesson.

But ffs if there are starving kids that haven’t even had breakfast let alone lunch, feed, feed them.


Well, your post was too far too, and offensive to those who may have not got the chance to collect anything yet, or didn’t get the required collection items, so I guess you can say we offened each other. Lmao :joy:


Haha well I don’t necessarily think the gun and Dwight should be “noob proof” as some people say. I wouldn’t mind if everyone had them.

Im just saying we are dealing with scopely here, so don’t count on any real freebies. They want you to put in time and resources


Understanding buddy :slight_smile:. Hope you have a positive Thanksgiving next week.


I think he was upset when he posted. Got the wrong person for sure. Lmao


The R18-C4G3™ you have in your ‘your full name (optional)’


and hell yes I am upset but I didn’t have the wrong person. I hate thieves.


I seen it now. Yeah, he is just trying to start trouble.


Weird, lots of people got the 500k in my region. Maybe farm and stop complaining and could of got it. Or spend, yeah that works also.


Don’t listen to them, your post was right on point. Keep telling how it is. Post wasn’t far at all, keep it up.


Chill out. Why are you trying to start trouble? Me and MountK have no issues here. We moved on from that, and continuing to respect each other in the community. Smh…


Tell me how people can play when they have real life stuff to do? Not everyone has nothing to do all day, you know it?


Ikr? Plus with these constant level ups, people run out of resources to hit the milestones. Was only able to get 250k milestone. Not everyone has 6*s or toons to level up due to low gear. Smh…


I’m not even sweating it anymore. I had my panties in a bunch at first. I made a little over 500k by the skin of my teeth because I finally caved in and ascended 5* Mirabelle to 6* and then put her in You Got Lucky in tier 2. I’m glad to say that my panties are now unbunched