Dwight 6* ar fault?


Hey bud I haven’t been able to recreate the visual guardian bug, not sure if you have on your side, but I’m still trying.

I have found something today though that you might be able to help with. So my 6* Dwight is now somewhat ready to use so thought i would test him out. I used his ar on 6* zeke with an abs kukri and it blocked the ar attacks. Is this correct and as should be as I don’t know of any other ar we attack that this happens with.

Thank you in advance dude :slight_smile:

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Should be correct. His AR is just basic attacks


it is correct since dwight’s AR is composed of multi-attack.

You can have more info here:


I’ve just never known an ar to be procd is all so thought I’d try and get confirmation before I use it again


Yep, you guys are correct. Dwight’s AR is the special one that does x times regular attacks (which can trigger Attacker and Defenders weapon effects).


Thank you guys! Maybe that double attack weapon has a better use now rather than tyrese…hmmmm


He’s just straight up nasttyy with a huge bonus to AR and High Crit Weapon. Pairing up with 6* Ty made my war battles so quick lol

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I actually have a few spare crit blue weapons…fresh ideas. Sincerely thank you!

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Why crit weapon? Because it gives about x1.5 damage of normal attack?

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because i’ve one shotted two reds with him when his AR pops and it crits under a Boobs lead

To be honest all of the iugo guys are really helpful and I’d say a vast majority of people on the forums (If not all) really appreciate their help and input. They always seem happy to help/answer queries or shed light on things they can. All in all they are great to have around and are really appreciated. Awesome job iugo


It works! You can get up to 4 attacks with his AR when you have a double attack weapon. Hit Mirabelle for 2.2k and 3.8k damage, killing her. Then got a 3rd attack on Zeke that broke his guardian.

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double attack is way better…

Shouldn’t rushes like that be guaranteed to have at least one attack deal damage? Otherwise it’s completely wasted.

I guess not if they are considered ‘normal’ attacks. Or else it will just turn into a typical rush and then the double attack weapon mod won’t apply anymore.

Can their be a fix to when the special stat weapons like double attack be fixed to show it acutally procs when it does on the first attack, the second attack show’s the double attack icon when it does proc just not the first it only makes two hits in the first attack but does not show the icon.

I’m not saying the whole rush but I mean, it would just feel like the game hates me if I rushed and the game was just like “nope”

Sorry, I didn’t get the issue to be fixed, could you be more clear? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s just more of a visual thing really if you equip dwight with a double attack weapon and he use his adrenaline rush it’s only on the first of two attacks is when the Target has taken two Hits instantly

So if double attack has proc both times you really only see it on his second attack and not on the first