Duration of War Wheel Recruits

Anyone know how long each crop of war toons is staying in there?

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Probably until the average person gets almost enough coins to make a pull. Then it will be updated with Vincent and Kal.


If I were to guess, probably as long as a normal war wheel would last. So probably between 30-60 days if I were to guess

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Thanks, educated guesses are better nothing.

They really need to put some good P2W toons
Red negan
And other good toons.


Mercer is stinky feet


hopefully soon, only got enough war tokens for 60% of 1 pull in this war. Gonna suck having to do 2 wars just for 1 pull on this wheel of 6* characters especially when there’s a 25% chance I’ll get the one I already have and then a 25% chance of mike. Like we’re in 7* era, we need the best of the best for 6* on a wheel


I did a pull , and I get the useless Diego . I would love to change it with kal

I hate losing to him.
(If you either lose a raid with your team alive and this ■■■■ healing him self with bonus hp you see why I hate him)

Yellow kal is good for impair. But war wheel was testing my patience.

Replace him with another war toon.

Useless diego? I hope you said that in jest


Instead of guessing why not search for the CORRECT answer.

Sure, fill us in if you know

Read the pinned post about the war wheel and it will tell you.

Regina! She’s a league toon so everyone can have her. Maim damage and he doesn’t heal anymore. Or Kapoor. :wink:

They’re probably looking for something more specific than:

‘Periodically’ tells us nothing. It could be monthly. It could be annually. Hence, the question.


Right, exactly, thank you Ladygeek. As far as I know the specific information I am looking for has not been published anywhere.

You think the toons in there have equal chances? :laughing:


Just trying to plan when I need to pull Diego from the Museum by, because I’ll inevitably pull a string of Pamelas lol

Suggestion if you guys can. Add zach or any good toons. You guys should do a all trait wheel. 1 fast 1 alert, 1 Tough and 1 strong.