Duplicates please figure it out

Please give us something to do with duplicates . Nothing like fighting 2 wars to get enough to pull the same character.


My 5 yellow kals agree lol


Yes something we all endured for weeks on multiple war wheels

I keep getting blue disarm michonnes. Two in the space of about 2 weeks.

She fell over the second I tried to use the first one and now I have three I’m never going to use.

Maybe we’ll be able to trade all these dupes in for a class versions of these toons one day.

Yes, trading them in for S-Class collection items would be nice as I have to mirabelle’s

She’s a disarm beast🤗

Would be if I ever got a magna or Ajax to hide her behind…

@Winkler It is something worth considering by the team :slight_smile:


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Why did u have to waste my 1k war coins … u know it’s hard to collect them @GR.Scopely

Now I feel wasted that I shud have opened for heads lol

Isn’t there a way they can fix the wheels? I mean I have 5 5* Jesus, 18 4* Maggie’s, 2 Carmens, 8 Morgan’s 5*. And the old war wheel gave me 2 yellow yumiko. Lol. It gets redundant. I now have 2 blue 6* tobins as well. I asked support bc on the 5* wheel I keep getting Morgan and Roadie, one after the other every time. Its hard to figure out what to do with all of them. Use them in the place of bennies? I mean will we ever have a way to shed some of these?

I wish I could take one of those Tobin’s off your hands. He hates me. :expressionless:

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Brother id give him to you if I could! He’s a beast but dang. Lol.its this Tobin.

It is very disheartening. One of my most active players almost quit over his 4 yellow kals.

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Dang. Sorry to hear that. Its annoying. That’s for sure.

I’ve gotten 4 Morgans from 5* recruits wheel. I feel your pain.

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The team is working on a plan for duplicates character but I have nothing to share at this stage.


Same could be done with trait trainers for normal 5* toons. When you have all 6 types together you can trade them in for a Benedict, Aden, Lyllith, Ullyses or a 6* trait trainer of your choice.

Thanks for at least acknowledging the issue @GR.Scopely. Isn’t their a way the system could be set to know your roster? Or at least flag these characters once received ? Idk just thinking. Or make a place in depot where you could at least trade in ascendables? For different ascendables. Or museum? And can we please get a different alternative with the red velvet cakes? Most ppl don’t have the characters put up. I have triple the cakes needed. Just no characters to use.

Simple fix would be to allow duplicates to act as rush and active skill upgrades :thinking: