Duplicate Toons


Ever since the update, all I’ve been getting from pulls are duplicate toons. I got my fourth Negan (non ascendable), second Shane (non ascendable), third Sandy (non ascendable) etc.

Don’t tell me that this Update reset it?


Second to this, 3 dupes after 9.3. Fix it ASAP!


Kenny and Lilly from ascendance. We seriously need the implementation of a limited time ascendable-only wheel.


I have gotten 4 duplicates as well. Sucks as I thought this was fixed.

I was enjoying building teams. Now just getting stuff I have already.


Just got my 5th Epic Darlene! Unbelievable. There are so many toons that I’ve never gotten


I’ve had 3 dupes.
But…I don’t think I have had them via 5* tokens i don’t think.


I got two Sandys within 2 days of each other so, it’s not really going very well for that yusimo lol


I’ve had 3 dupes from 5* tokens so far as well. I was pretty underwhelmed with the wheel update as it was, but i thought hey, at least I might get a new toon out of it. But 3 dupes in a row? Pretty disapointing :-1:


Got 3 ascendable Barkers in a row. Not trying to complain but…really?


Dupe City here too. Think the update reset the wheel :fearful:


Since the update my 5 wheel pulls have been
Green Rosita
Green Rosita
Green Rosita
Green Rosita
Green Rosita


12 pulls since update, 10 dupes


i get the same results


I am not going to make any more pulls until this thing is fixed.


Definitely. This happened last time they updated it. Basically I’m never getting Shiva. So I’ve given up hope :fu: :joy:


Have hopes bro! I was the same till about 2 weeks ago!! Had spent in every promo and she always eluded me!


Just so damn frustrating done so many opens in that :poop: wheel. Even more so when you see people with 2/3 Shivas. :angry:


Has this problem been fixed in the last update?




Damn, I was hoping that they’d fixed the dup problem by now. Ever since I created this thread, I’ve been saving up my 5 star tokens. I had 85K and I figured that the problem must have been dealt with, so I did a batch pull. Out of the eight, five were duplicates, one new ascendable (Yumiko), and the other two Jaview and Morgan…what a waste.