Duplicate suggestion


When you pull a toon… Just remove it from the wheel for that player… Simple. Custom wheel according to account number. @JB.Scopely . minimal trolling please


Thats called a stash. Scopely wont do that because dupes are what make ppl keep spending to try and get the character they desire.


Or just get rid of wheels and make them all a stash that resets every so often


The stash would be the answer for dupes


yeah i can see the odds already - they would be the same as the odds for current stashes

0.2 to pull erika lydia and similar toons,
then 0.5 michonne revive javier
and so on and then:
5% to pull shane, yellow zeke, blue yumiko and so on

you’d have to go through the whole stash to get to the good cards. Id rather have the wheel


Wheel chanses are the same I believe but we just can’t see them


And if they don’t know how to code that, they should ask Blizzard who patched no legendary dupes into Hearth Stone last year


At least you wont have a dup… Better than getting something you disliked the first time


Well i would prefer it in a stash


That might work sometimes but overall its not a solution


W h o ?


probably got it mixed up, the green revive one, dont have him so I could care less


i thought it was a new character i missed! you scared me for a second there


7 motherfucking characters


point taken but in a wheel of 60(+?) characters im sure players couldnt do a quarter of the pulls … that said it would certainly make player spend more

i for one have pulled crap after crap … does that really make me want to spend more …?

definitely not


lol dont panic, its only a game :slight_smile:


Not every1 will pull until they get the promo. Most i assume just do a 10 and give scopely the finger afterwards. But whales will pull until they get the character.

i for one have pulled crap after crap

Same. Thats y i spent on Lucky and 3yr tokens. Prefer 100% chance over scopely odds.


i had my credit card out ready to do a 40 pull but guess thats gonna have to wait for wayland :wink:


i think the OP kind of meant in the token wheel such as lucky or 3rd year tokens though


Why would you want to eliminate your chance to pull two erikas?