Duplicate Character Rates Increased

What happened to the chances of getting duplicate characters from tokens and pulls being decreased? Since this new (poor choice imo) 5 star token wheel has rolled out, I have only received 4 or 5 duplicate characters from my pulls. There are plenty in there that I don’t have, but for some reason I had to pull my 4th Made to Suffer Lori, my 2nd All Out War Ezekiel, my 6th Mirabelle, my 5th shield Michonne, and my 2nd Road to Survival Maggie…

What happened??


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What happened is you had an unlucky pull. Better luck next time.


It’s decreased chances of pulling the same character at the same time or since the rwvamp… Not pulling toons you already have…

So every pull can just be chalked up to bad luck? Their algorithms have nothing to do with it? Or, they can’t change their algorithms to actually benefit players and to stop giving them the same toon over and over again? I think something can be done to fix it, but I will probably be another one of those 2 year players that retire before I see it happen. All I made this post for was to see if anything could be done

If they made the 5* token wheel a stash type pull. You wouldn’t get those multi duplicates. But that would be to convenient for everyone.

No, it’s decreased chances of pulling a duplicate character based on the characters you’ve already pulled starting from the point of the revamp. Doing 1 10x pull or 10 1x pulls has no effect, because while those characters may have gone to your roster, you pulling them is factored into the calculations.


Exactly what I said. Sorry I wasn’t clear enough for you. Most I think understood.

You said it’s decreased chances when pulling characters at the same time, I’m saying pulling characters at the same time or at different times have no effect on the reduction calculation.

No shit troll move along. You just live to argue.

You do realize we’re saying 2 completely different things right?


Yeah I said it has nothing to do with your roster and so are you. I’ll edit it in at the time of the revamp so you can stop.

I am wondering if the last additions to the wheel also reset the duplicate algorithm . As since it has happened i received 2 duplicates of characters i have pulled recently.

I think it did. I just posted in another thread that I saved up for 5 5* token pulls. They were all duplicates, all 5 characters were ones I had already.

I know this is an old thread, but I didn’t want to start a new one for the same issue. My last 4 5* token pulls have been duplicates. It’s not like I have every single toon or have ever had every single toon. I don’t even have an overabundance of 5* toons. Never did. I don’t understand why with this change, I’ve pulled 4 dups in a row. Support is no help, they just keep telling it’s random. But 4 pulls in a row?!? How is that random? It’s not. I’m adding CombatDevll because I would like a developer’s point of view. I’m one myself so maybe it can be explained in those terms? Thanks.

@kalishane @CombatDevIl

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Just got my 4th 5* Miraboobs from Tokens…

After a long hard fought war weekend…

Smh. I’ve used 3 of her for ascension, already own a 6* boobs. Give me a damn Shiva? I’ll trade 3 boobs? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

You would think with the sheer amount of toons in the wheel of death now dupes would be a rare / unlucky pull…

Change the wheel? Make it stash based???



if you want the chance of getting duplicates keep the current wheel up aswell.


Even having a wheel where you spend day 12.5k 5* tokens for the toon of your choice, with 1 toon allowed from the toons picked. I know I’d much rather spend a bit extra tokens getting a Shiva, that 4 Pulls for boobs :disappointed:

Ever since the wheel had updated with the new characters i.e. Shiva Force, etc, I’ve pulled 4 out of 5 duplicates.

My “luck” must really suck.

I’ve got a few dupes, but none are from the 5* wheel from after the revamp, those have all been unique.

Those are 4* you’re talking about. Nobody cares about those.