Dupes from War Stash + No Open All Tokens Option

Scopely, don’t give us dupes when it comes to war stashes.

People work hard for 1st place and score 200k to get 2 opens to only get dupes of the same character is aggravating.

Cc @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

And also give us the option to “OPEN ALL” stash tokens. Is it because you guys enjoy the slow process of opening 70 tokens one by one by one?


You’re lucky to even get 1.


Boo-fukety-hoo… been happening for years… deal with it


Aww come give me a hug xoxo

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Man war brings out the crankiness in some. Unfortunately unless they make unique toons for war someone will always have a dupe in the crate as an option. This was by far the worse tho. Tons of people just got bryan a month or so ago. Id rather of gotten my last flate gun for tara as a prize then a 2nd of one of these toons.

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They are really upset today, they really do need a hug :hugs:

I’ve pulled shit loads of dupes and I’m not on here crying about it… All those blue michonnes I’ve pulled

Wait… What you just said counts as crying tho :thinking:



I see Rick when open The first box, but dont receive in my legion.
The game restart, and cotinuous in The second stash. @JB.Scopely

Take screenshots and contact support. JB won’t be able to help you any further than they can. Might have to try a few times with support, just be firm and polite

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Check your Inventory ->general @Harry1
There should be a bag with the toon


She was in the inventory. Thank you

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