Dupes and flaged accounts


All is about luck, RNG, anti-dupe system in place to avoid getting dupes for all user, yeah right, dont come with with that… we all know some account are flaged … look at this @JB.Scopely and tell me its possible and is pure luck.

Last wheel i got back to back command glen first 6* and second pull 5* for a big total of 4 command glens :thinking:

Then this wheel come and i get a second spencer

At first i was like: stay cool dont trow your phone at the wall … but guess what i got for my second “lucky” pull…

My third spencer i dare you to tell me that theres is a anti-dupe system in place, when we all know the code is broken and theres is bugs everywhere


I see you ain’t throw that phone thou…


Your troll game is on point. Lol


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But i know that there is a place in the 8 circle of dantes hell maybe in bolgia 6 or 7 and is waiting for the person that make “anti-dupe” system


I’m not spending anymore due to the dupes overkill and lack of gear.


Yeah my lucky token pulls first pull six star Cal second pull five star Cal random my ass


Wish I could least pull a Dante


They have never, at any time, suggested there was anything in place to prevent you from getting duplicates in separate pulls. I.e. you already have the toon so you are less likely to get it again. They claimed at one point to put in something to prevent duplicates within the same pull: e.g. a 40 pull where you get 5 3* Dales. Whether that works or not, I cannot say for sure, but that is not what you are talking about in the OP.


@HoustonTroll2 look at this

If my understanding of what Dash mentioned at the time is correct, the anti-duplicate system registers each pull (maybe on the third anniversary wheel it did not work, but let’s think that if it works, well at least it should), it does not matter if it was in a single pull or a mass pull, so if the system sees that we get a Yellow Zeke and there is a limit streak breaking to prevent us from getting the same character, how is it possible to get it back ?. Ok Dash mentions that it can happen but how many of us have not uploaded photos of evidence getting the same consecutive characters? I honestly believe that something in the code of the pulls is wrong and that there should be a solution or at least someone from the Scopely team should stand up in this matter.



Where did you get that information from? Because my forty pulls has 5 of each kind of four star with one crappy five star in there every time I do one!!


Reduced chances at duplicate is not the same as no duplicates. That is why you can still get duplicates.


Can we have staches pls


I got 3 5* Gov from lucky tokens, second pull on 3 year tokens, low and behold another 5* Gov. I’m done.


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